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Whether running a safety checkpoint in a courthouse or ensuring only the right staff have access to medical research rooms, enhancing lobby security is critical to the daily operations of millions of organizations.

Most of the time, this is the simple matter of verifying a key card or ID and then waving someone through. That can be challenging if there is not enough security staff to man a station or if the equipment does not provide the required accessibility to everyone who needs to get inside.

In some situations, like a TSA checkpoint, people with accessibility needs like wheelchairs, electric mobility devices, or crutches can be ushered through a separate laneway to access their flight. That may not be the same for a local business, medical facility, or even something as simple as a university library. That is why introducing a product such as Fastlane® turnstiles improves total accessibility in any situation by:

1 – Widening Security Lanes
The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requires entry and exit ways to be at least 32” wide to allow wheelchair access. The problem with that measurement is that it doesn’t cover the wide range of wheelchairs on the markets today, with most ranging from 25” to -39” in width. On top of that, there are also electronic mobility devices that are even wider.

Fitting Fastlane optical turnstiles into a lobby provides a business or facility with more ADA-compliant lane widths instead of installing a separate entrance to accommodate extra wide objects. Some models, such as the Glassgate 155, go well beyond just compliance, with widths up to 47.25”, a significant improvement for those with disabilities to quickly get through security and start their job, attend a meeting, or enjoy a facility’s entertainment.

2 – Increasing Traffic Flow
Another prevention consideration for a secure lobby area is related to traffic flow. There should not be a bottleneck of people trying to get in or out of a checkpoint because that can heighten potential security risks.

If traffic flow challenges plague your facility, never settle for less than one person per second throughout like Fastlane turnstiles can accommodate.  This ensures traffic is continuous versus pauses during credentialing.

Quality and reliability are often overlooked in purchasing decisions. If your turnstiles aren’t functioning correctly or are offline, that leaves fewer lanes for people which  raise the risk of delays.  Fastlane turnstiles are built to last with industry-leading quality that have even survived floods, giving our clients a long lifetime of use, fewer frustrations, and a lower total cost of ownership.

3 – Enhancing Access Controls
In almost every industry, there is a need to protect private data, sensitive assets, and workers from potential harm. One of the most critical examples of this protection demand is in healthcare. With 75% of all workplace assaults happening within the healthcare industry, it only makes sense to improve the environment through comprehensive security products.

Hospitals, laboratories, medical offices, pharmaceuticals, and other science-based industries are critical to the health and well-being of the population. They also have to meet strict compliance requirements. Yet, they are exposed to more security risks than practically anyone else because of sensitive data, medical supplies, drugs, and on-site research within reach. Introducing Fastlane turnstiles, Door Detectives®, and SmarterLobby to any entry ensures only staff and team members with proper credentials can enter specific areas of any medical facility, lowering the risk of theft, violence, or a security breach.

4 – Improving Emergency Management
Emergency management is critical across every industry. Safely securing a building or rooms during a massive storm, fire alarm, or security risk should be integrated into any organization’s safety planning.

One of the critical benefits of Fastlane turnstiles and Door Detectives is the ability to monitor movement with pinpoint accuracy using IP-enabled controls from any location. This means a security team member can aid in an emergency by controlling the flow and settings of a checkpoint, all while not being physically present. That is a massive benefit if an area must go into sudden lockdown or if turnstile lanes need to be set to free-exit during emergencies.

5 – Preventing Tailgating
Talk to any security “Red Team,” and they will tell you the easiest way to get into a secure facility is through tailgating, sometimes known as piggybacking. This is when one person with credentials moves through a turnstile, and another person without proper authentication follows so close behind that they can slip through security.

That concern is virtually eliminated when adding Fastlane optical turnstiles or Door Detective to any entry. The enhanced technology in both devices leverages an intelligent infrared matrix powered by neural network algorithms to sense who and what is moving through at any time.  This drastically reduces potential tailgating and false alarms from more oversized items such as strollers or luggage being pushed or pulled. In addition, our wider lane models are the only turnstiles globally that have “sidegating®” detection to further prevent collusion attempts. It detects people sneaking in by walking next to an authorized individual. These two technologies combined provide superior protection for any facility.

Coming Soon: Door Detective SG
The last thing you want is a potential security risk from someone acting as a “Good Samaritan” by pushing someone in a wheelchair or faking their way through your security checkpoint. True accessibility doesn’t mean lowered security. Quite the opposite. It means higher security with more accuracy that allows for variables.

With the same superior technology as Fastlane’s wider lane turnstiles, Integrated Design Ltd has scaled its patented “sidegating” technology and added it to a new Door Detective model, the Door Detective SG, to enhance security protection through double doors. Door Detective secures access-controlled doors once they are opened, when the access control system is essentially blind. It keeps things honest, halting tailgaters  and direction violators of those turning back to re-badge an unauthorized visitor.

Get the Best Entry Security from Our Team
Smarter Security® is committed to helping secure your facility, regardless of the industry. With over 30 years of industry leadership, our security experts and customer support specialists are on hand to answer questions, provide recommendations, and, most importantly, listen to what your challenges are.  We support you every step of the way, from purchase to preventative maintenance.

If you would like to learn more about our Fastlane Turnstiles improving ADA compliance and traffic flow, please reach out to our support team.  (Inside Sales team??) They will be happy to answer any questions about how we can optimize your building security. You can also learn more about these exceptional offerings through our recent white papers on Securing Health Science Environments and Wider Lanes.

See Us in Action!
Visit our team at booth #210 at ISC East November 15 – 17. Catch an early glimpse of the new Door Detective SG, one of our latest innovations to prevent sidegating through larger entryways and double doors. Click here for a free expo pass.

The fun doesn’t stop there – Join us at Convergint’s ISC Encore Event for networking, food, and drinks on Wednesday, November 16 from 4:30 to 7:00.

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