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While money isn’t king, we all check price tags. We compare the quality to cost, expectations versus worth, and the consequences (or lack thereof) of cutting corners. What are a few things you absolutely shouldn’t cut corners on? Well, to list a few: surgeons, sushi, and safety. You don’t want a surgeon with shaky hands, or a sushi chef who uses expired ingredients. Why would you skimp or place the wrong physical security and access control in your facility?

Whether you’re seeking to install turnstiles for the first time or as a retrofit to replace an old installation, be sure to pay attention to the details associated with turnstile cost and not trade what seems like upfront savings for long-term quality, safety, and capability. Without further ado, read below the 3 Things to Consider When Purchasing Turnstiles.

1: Pay Attention to Long-Term Cost

When comparing potential turnstile brands, don’t take the quote or invoice cost at total face value. Numerous factors go into weighing long-term costs and savings over the upfront per-lane price. Like Fastlane Turnstiles, functionalities such as tailgating and side-by-side detection can provide cost savings by lowering the amount of posted security guards required at entrances and secure areas of the facility. Click here for a case study on how a well-known Class-A high rise in New York City generated an ROI of 262% with $779,000 in savings after only 5 years.

In addition to unsurpassed technology and compatibility, you future-proof your security protocol with Smarter Security as we offer a product warranty of up to 5 years. We also offer no limit on the age of lane we are willing to repair, given parts availability. For more on our technical services, visit our page for installation services or download our Pre-Certification Guide for New Turnstiles.

Fastlane turnstiles last longer than the competition, providing years of savings simply by continuously working. In conjunction with approved preventative maintenance, in regular use, 5,000,000 cycles of operation are expected before electromechanical subassemblies may require replacing. A perfect example of our longevity and resilience is in areas that have been affected by flooding and hurricanes. When water levels resided, our turnstiles didn’t need replacing or extensive repairs.

2: Compare Regulatory Compliance & Sustainability

For sustainability-minded organizations, Fastlane turnstiles are eco-conscious and constantly seeking ways to be kinder to our planet, and your wallet. Our turnstiles are accredited with ISO 14001:2015, making us eligible to be part of a LEED scorecard for energy conservation. For more on sustainable security, click here.

Fastlane turnstiles are energy efficient at only 60 Watts per lane, and are recyclable at the end of their long life cycles, generating long-term savings on utility bills. All Fastlane turnstiles operate on low voltage and incredibly low current, with externally mounted power supplies. With the exception of connecting the power supply box itself to a 110vac supply, licensed electricians are not required for the actual installation of the lanes, saving installation and maintenance costs. New building code requirements are required in areas such as California, New York, and Canada and are growing in popularity everywhere requiring a dip-switch setting. What this means is if you’re on the secure side of a lane, you aren’t required to badge out, the breaks will release when you touch the barrier with your fingertips, providing a swift and safe exit in the event of an emergency.

3: Generate ROI by Future-Proofing

When considering different brands, models, and footprints it’s crucial to assess unexpected savings or costs that can be accrued with each alternative. Fastlane is one of the most efficient turnstiles on the market, allowing up to 60 people per minute to pass with the most accurate tailgating and “sidegating” technology. 

Smarter Security offers SmarterMount, a customized and affordable post-mount option to integrate scanners, biometrics, and access control to your turnstile. This accessory can be easily changed on the end cap as time goes on as your security strategy evolves, versus drilling into the turnstile causing physical changes to the lane each time. Another cost-saving and popular accessory are Fastlane floor protectors, which prevent coring into facility flooring and provide flexibility for changes to the configuration without causing damage to flooring. A final and major cost-savings difference is our varying lane widths, we offer standard, extended, and ADA lanes as well as a wider lane at 47.25″, which allows for a better flow of traffic and large objects. These models optimize space utilization by eliminating the need for a separate gate. For more on wider lanes, read here.

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