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After another incredible year at Smarter Security, we look forward to elevating industry standards in security. We’re passionate about what we do, and we can’t wait to share all we’re ready to roll out in 2023. Innovations, Events, Partnerships, and more.

1. Door Detective SG (Side Gating)

We caught up with our Vice President Clayton Brown and asked, what are you looking forward to most this upcoming year?

“It’s hard to say just one! But I am most excited about the introduction of the Door Detective SG as the new standard for physically enforcing Zero-Trust policies across your facility’s public, sensitive, and critical access points. With our only-in-class side-gating capabilities, we have gone past detection of tailgating and are able to detect advanced forms of collusion for your most important entrances. This unique functionality has been miniaturized and can now be applied throughout your facility for high-assurance and layered protection – wherever you need it. ”

The new Door Detective SG adds a layer of awareness when it comes to turnstiles. Our side-gating technology will alert when more than one person tries to enter walking side-by-side.

We demoed the Door Detective SG at ISC East a few months ago, capturing attention from crowds huddling around. This year, it’s going live and will be available to order soon. Protect your entryways, patrons, and everything else most valuable to you without a worry of side-gating intruders.


2. Events

We love to socialize while sharing our amazing product line. We’re heading to some great events in 2023 to do just that.

Super Security Bowl Technology Blitz – February 9, 2023 – Axis Experience Center, Chicago, IL 

Catch Amber Beckwith, our Midwest Regional Sales Manager, at the Chicago Super Security Bowl Technology Blitz event. Amber will be on hand to answer any questions while demonstrating our best-selling high-security product, the Fastlane Glassgate 300 speedgate, and presenting our AIA accredited course #ISMA08A- All Access Points, Secured: Customizable Building Security that Safeguards Infrastructure, Occupants, and Assets. Check out other live demonstrations from our partners and friends at Evolv, Softing, and Axis.

Reserve a spot at the Super Security Bowl here.

ISC West – March 28-31, 2023 – Venetian Expo, Las Vegas, NV

Vegas, here we come! We’re back for another year at the International Security Conference and Exposition (ISC) at its annual West trade event. Join us to network with industry pros, learn about the latest advanced security technologies in unauthorized access control, and discover rising trends in the security solutions world. The event centers around IT Security, Smart Solutions, and more. Stop by our booth #24109 to see live demonstrations of the Fastlane’s Glassgate 150, Glassgate 155, Glassgate 300, Glasssgate 400 and the new Door Detecitve SG. Our friends at ReconaSense will also be there, showcasing their latest advancements in customizable Access Control and security management technology through there award-winning platform. Find out how the ReconaSense platform saved one organization over $1,600,000 in annual savings.

Find all details on how to attend at the ISC West website here.

3. Partnerships

Here at Smarter Security, we share the mindset, “better together!” Collaboration creates opportunities for strategic, best-in-class innovations. We love that our products can integrate with other platforms, catering to the exact needs of our clients.

In 2023, we look forward to working with technology partners like Axis at our Superbowl Technology Blitz event, and continuing to work with integrators such as Idemia, a biometric access system that our turnstiles can read to grant entry.

Our Technical Lead and Extraordinaire, Raywyn Bryce, shares, “looking forward to Smarter Security and ReconaSense collaboration to be stronger with merging technologies together. Showcasing the Door Detective SG with side-by-side collusion detection at other shows. It debuted in ISC East. The next show is ISC West in Vegas.”

4. Real Talk

This year, we are increasing discussion around important security topics such as Insider Threats, Unauthorized Access, and much more. We want to provide education around what we can learn from real case studies, providing relevant information to help our clients understand the scope of security and what is needed for effective incident prevention. Did you know, according to TechJury Insider Threat Statistics, more than two out of three company breaches are caused by employee negligence? See more security in action and the interesting dynamic of human nature playing into high-stake outcomes. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for all the latest news, dialogue, and posts from different perspectives.