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Close the Door on Unauthorized Entry

Door Detective, a door-mounted anti-tailgating device, ensures security beyond locked doors. Ideal for safeguarding access-controlled areas such as data centers, it detects and prevents tailgating, directional violations, and intruders exploiting closing doors. This critical access control system is indispensable in protected environments, mitigating risks of theft, insider threats, breaches, and consequential damages to a company's reputation and finances.

A Comprehensive Solution to Enhance Security

Door Detective is a cost-effective anti-tailgate device that advances security protocols without adding hassle to security staff and end users. This device integrates with existing security systems like ReconaSense and other third-party access control software. Explore the benefits that a Door Detective provides to facilities like data centers and commercial buildings:


Detect “human hackers", unauthorized people, and tailgating events. Safeguard interior entryways and secondary exits, ensure accurate counts of the number of people, and increase the overall security portal of your facility.

Return on Investment

With a quick and easy setup, you can save millions of dollars by preventing breaches and thefts from unauthorized access and avoid hiring additional security guards or staff.

Improved User experience

Eliminate “politeness pressure” that accompanies tailgating and integrate with any existing access control system while requiring no additional authentication.

Gain Control and Accountability

Enhance your facility's security and operational efficiency with Door Detective.

Key benefits include:
  • Precise tailgate detection system – intentional or accidental
  • Direction violations management – ensures passage only in the approved direction
  • Population control – helps enforce area limits, and can provide valuable population data to building automation control systems
  • Real-time alerts – immediate notification of security breaches
  • Minimized false alarms – advanced technology increases system reliability
  • Data insights – generates valuable security data for informed decision-making
  • Easy installation – ideal for new and existing infrastructures

Choose a Door Detective that’s Right For You

Determining which Door Detective model is suitable for you is based on the needs of your facility and staff. Each model features key differences that integrate into your overall security strategy and access control system.

Door Detective Plus

Powered by a dedicated high-speed onboard microcontroller, the Plus provides tailgate detection and easily integrates with ReconaSense. It includes an internal CPU and PoE power and supports IP communication.


Door Detective SG

The SG has all the same specifications as the Plus but with the added benefit of new Sidegate Detection® technology. This feature lets it detect side-by-side collusion in both single-door and double-door settings, enhancing physical security in restricted areas.


Door Detective CL

With higher-end aesthetics, the Door Detective Classic or CL beams can rotate to extend across hallways without door jam mounting. It includes an internal CPU with an external 12VDC power supply.


Door Detective Compact

Our most economical model, the Compact, is a doorway-mounted tailgate detection and direction control system that further secures an access-controlled door. It includes an external CPU and 12 VDC power supply, making it a user-friendly device for various entry points.

Door Security

The Importance of an Anti-Tailgating Device

Having effective security measures in today’s environments is essential. Door Detective is an innovative tool for safeguarding facilities against unauthorized access and intruder attempts. This advanced anti-tailgating device offers more than physical security; it brings peace of mind to an organization’s staff and visitors. A Door Detective protects sensitive data, valuable assets, and personnel by effectively preventing tailgating attempts and ensuring only authorized persons gain entry. Its integration into existing security systems enhances overall safety, delivering value to any organization concerned with maintaining high-security standards.

Fastlane turnstiles and gates
Entrance Control

Ideal for Class A building lobbies, government buildings, and corporate campuses and university facilities.

Are You Ready to Talk Door Security?

Elevate your organization’s security with our innovative Door Detective anti-tailgating device. Work with our team to discover how we enhance the safety and efficiency of your facility, and secure your space with confidence.


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