Close the Door on Unauthorized Entry

Doors with locks provide suitable security, only until they’re opened. Door Detective is a doorway-mounted detection and direction control system that is ideal for any access-controlled area where an intruder could do more than a few thousand dollars in damage. Our Door Detectives remove social expectation from the equation by detecting tailgating, directional violation, and intruders taking advantage of a closing door.

A Comprehensive Solution to Enhance Security

Door Detective is a cost-efficient way to advance security measures without adding hassle to staff and end users.
Explore the benefits that a Door Detective can provide to facilities:

Better Protection

  • Detect “human hackers”
  • Safeguard interior spaces
  • Ensure accurate employee counts for emergency situations

Return on Investment

  • Save millions of dollars by preventing breaches
  • Avoid adding additional guards
  • Quick and easy installation

Improved User Experience

  • Eliminate “politeness pressure” that
    accompanies traditional tailgating
  • Integrate with existing access control
  • Requires no additional authentication

Gain Control and Accountability

Key benefits include:
  • Tailgate detection – intentional or accidental
  • Direction violations – ensures passage only in the approved direction
  • Population control – helps enforce area limits, and can provide valuable population data to building automation control systems
Entrance Control

Ideal for Class A building lobbies, government buildings, and corporate campuses and university facilities.

Building Solutions

The first and only intelligent “risk-adaptive” security solutions.

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