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Dedicated Technicians

To ensure the longevity and smooth operation of our products, Smarter Security in-house technicians travel far and wide to support our customers. Providing installation services, preventative maintenance, on-site support, to site certification and training; Smarter Security is committed to customers every step of the way.

Meet The Tech Team

Get to know the faces behind the service, driven by a passion for customer success and excellence in our standard.

“Help over the phone was spot on from your team. That, to me, is reassuring that when I’m placing a call, it’s going to be answered correctly. Everyone wins; customer and tech in the field.”

Sean Benzoni, Senior Field Technician

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Director of Technical Services

Steven Arechiga

For over a decade, Steven has demonstrated exceptional leadership as the head of the Technical Services department at Smarter Security. With a strong track record of achievements, he has successfully implemented various technical services, including spearheading Smarter Security’s renowned Site Certification program. Steven’s dedication to optimizing customer experiences has resulted in high levels of satisfaction among security integrators and end users alike. His customer-centric approach, guided by the principle of CATER (Customers are the entire reason), ensures that the needs and preferences of customers are always prioritized.

Technical Support Manager

Raywyn Bryce

With a dynamic background in technical services, Raywyn was introduced to Smarter Security through cross pollination of professions. Visiting the office for a telephony service, Raywyn found curiosity in turnstiles, leading to a change in career paths when she joined the company in November 2013. Since then, she quickly became known for swift learning, understanding how turnstiles interact with access control, and the evolution of security. It is her belief is that as technology evolves, our experience and knowledge base should evolve as well. Her passion has led to excellent client relationships, knowledge sharing with professionals across the country, and training of new technicians. Advancing to a management position, Raywyn is a champion in the field and takes pride in Smarter Security’s product and support services.

Customer Support Tech

Shane Peters

Bringing over 20 years of experience in security, Shane’s commitment to collaboration and continuous improvement has shined through his 12-year tenure at Smarter Security. From providing remote assistance to end users, training integrators and new hires, to building productive relationships with other technicians in the field, Shane is known for his willingness to lend his expertise to empower solutions. Shane’s proficiency in the Fastlane product line has yielded efficient troubleshooting for complex technical issues, ensuring customer satisfaction in both the service experience and outcome.

Customer Success Representative

Jason Christie

Combining his adaptable nature and versatile skillset, Jason arrives with a professional background in mechanical engineering, 3D modeling, CAD design, and project management. He takes pride in his ability to seamlessly transition between roles and industries, offering a dynamic perspective to every challenge. Through his time as a Customer Success Representative at Smarter Security, Jason has exceled in driving tangible results, furthering the company’s shared mission of customer success.

Customer Success Representative

Christopher Odom

Passionate about protecting data systems from cyber threats, Chris joined Smarter Security as a Customer Success engineer. With an associate’s degree in information technology and experience in the security field, Chris provides hybrid technical support for onboarding, administration, vendor support, and the overall strengthening of intelligent entrance control solutions. With multiple certifications including CompTIA A+, CompTIA Net+, and AWS Practitioner, Chris utilizes his intellectual curiosity to drive continuous growth for the betterment of the security.

Site certification and training for Fastlane turnstiles
Pre-Site Certification Checklist

To ensure installation is ready for Site Certification, all projects are required to complete and submit Smarter Security’s Pre-Site Certification checklist.

Preventative maintenance for Fastlane turnstiles
Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance program has one goal: extend the working life of your product.

Need to register your turnstiles and enable Fastlane Connect functionality?

Download our Fastlane Finder Tool.