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About Smarter Security

In a world of ever-present threats, Smarter Security provides innovative, top-of-the-line entrance control solutions to help organizations protect their people and assets.

Why We're Smarter

For almost thirty years we’ve offered the absolute best in Entrance Control, and more recently Access Control, protecting many of the world’s most iconic buildings and over half of the Fortune 100. Unlike others, all of our intelligent solutions leverage advanced neural network technology which empowers us to solve the most complex security challenges.

Better Technology

Fastlane turnstiles “think” in real-time, utilizing an infrared beam matrix and multiple microprocessors with neural network programming. The system analyzes patterns when the beams are interrupted, so it can accurately position the size, shape, and speed of individual entities. This intelligence also helps discriminate between people and objects such as suitcases, and can uniquely detect ”sidegating,” side-by-side collusion attempts.

SmarterLobby applies advanced neural network technology to our Fastlane turnstiles resulting in the world’s only intelligent turnstiles that consider context and other data before granting access. What do you wish your turnstiles knew before letting someone in your building?

ReconaSense is the industry’s only risk-adaptive physical access control solution that applies advanced neural network technology to detect anomalous behaviors. It automatically adapts access permissions per our customers’ prescribed responses. What do you wish your doors knew before letting someone enter? ReconaSense applies this intelligence to more complex, often unique security challenges such as proactively detecting Insider Threats. What risks keep you up at night?

Smarter Security uniquely solves the world’s most complex security challenges.

Faster Throughput

The system can track multiple entities in the lane, so it doesn’t need to wait for one authorized user to pass through before a second authorized person can go. The result? Much faster throughput rates and reduced traffic buildup during peak periods.

Safer Operation

Our technology operates at a higher safety standard. We initiated the UL2593 standard, which is now the industry standard for turnstile electrical safety and efficiency. Fastlane’s multiple microprocessors can better analyze factors like visitor location, size, and movement patterns to decide whether the barriers should close. This minimizes the chance of barrier contact and allows barriers to close tightly behind authorized users to block unwanted entries.

Environmental Impact

Fastlane turnstiles are built with a focus on responsible manufacturing and generating the least amount of waste possible. Fastlane has an environmental management system that meets the ISO 14001:2015 standard, and aims to create low-energy-consumption units that can be efficiently recycled after the end of their long product lifecycle. As low-voltage systems, Fastlanes are chosen for many LEED certified buildings because they provide customers significant energy and cost savings over the long life of the product.


The Fastlane manufacturer Integrated Design Ltd (IDL) developed a quality management system that was first accredited to ISO 9001 over 18 years ago, and continues to be approved to each successive revision of the standard.

Currently working with ISO 9001:2015, the refined quality system provides the means to monitor and improve procedures; which ultimately supplies Fastlane customers with what they want, when they want it.

Meet Our
Executive Team

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure our customer and partner expectations are exceeded.

“From top to bottom: great people, staff, and product line. Smarter Security is my go-to when it comes to turnstiles.”

Timothy MoneypennyFounder & CEO, Diligent Electronic Security Systems

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is CEO of Smarter Security, Inc. and Chairman of the Board of ReconaSense, Inc. His leadership has propelled Smarter Security to its status as a consistent industry leader, recognized by Inc. magazine six times as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America. Under his leadership, Smarter Security has become widely known for marketing the industry’s best looking, most intelligent and reliable turnstiles, backed by unsurpassed customer support. Jeff and his team are incredibly proud to secure many of the world’s most iconic buildings. Prior to Smarter Security, Jeff established himself as a marketing leader in consumer brands, increasing profitability for companies like American Airlines, PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay, and Pillsbury, as well as in the technology sector with MCI and a tech startup. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Kent State University, and a master’s degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.


Clayton Brown

Clayton is driving new value into the traditional access and entrance control markets with a technology framework that integrates intelligence into control systems. These efforts are helping Smarter Security guide organizations to better achieve their current security objectives, while preparing them for more advanced threats in a low-trust future. He is a member of the SIA Government Relations committee & Data Privacy groups, and has had the opportunity to speak on multiple occasions at ISC-West, GSX and InterOp.


Steven Naltsas

In 2016, Steven joined the Smarter Security team and has helped fuel the company’s continual growth with his sales performance and leadership. His expertise in customer relations, product knowledge, and unique understanding of the security market landscape has helped Smarter Security maintain its position as one of the industry’s top companies. Before joining Smarter Security, Steven spent much of his career at the integrator level working on designs, deployment, commissioning, and maintenance of technology-based electronic surveillance, access control, entrance control and emergency communication systems for a wide range of public agencies and commercial enterprises. Steven prides himself on a “client comes first” approach.

Director of Marketing

Shana McCoy

With over 20 years of marketing experience in advertising, project management, event logistics, graphic design, and public relations, Shana McCoy has been the driving force behind Smarter Security’s Marketing initiatives for the past six years. With an education background in the arts, Shana has a natural eye for creative communication and has carved a reputation as an astutely proactive problem solver adding an innovative approach to every workflow and hurdle. Her passion for the Smarter Security team’s success always drives her to expand her knowledge to implement better ways of supporting their processes. Before joining the Smarter Security team, Shana honed her marketing skills at Ford Audio-Video Systems, recognized as one of the top audio-video integrators in the nation, and the Austin American Statesman newspaper.


Steven Arechiga

For over a decade, Steven has demonstrated exceptional leadership as the head of the Technical Services department at Smarter Security. With a strong track record of achievements, he has successfully implemented various technical services, including spearheading Smarter Security’s renowned Site Certification program. Steven’s dedication to optimizing customer experiences has resulted in high levels of satisfaction among security integrators and end users alike. His customer-centric approach, guided by the principle of CATER (Customers are the entire reason), ensures that the needs and preferences of customers are always prioritized.

Director of Finance

Brian Rogers

Brian is a highly accomplished finance professional with extensive experience in accounting, finance, and operations. He quickly established himself as a proactive and strategic thinker, driving financial excellence and operational efficiency. Brian has also made significant contributions in the software, professional services, and manufacturing space. Brian always brings the highest-level of integrity with a balance of analytics and a real-world approach to problem solving. With his proven track record and comprehensive knowledge, Brian brings invaluable financial expertise to our organization, ensuring sustainable growth and success in the dynamic security industry.