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Creating Smarter Lobby Security

Turnstiles are ideal for detecting tailgaters, but to truly secure a smart building now requires more. SmarterLobby is the industry’s first solution that goes “beyond the credential” and functions as a lobby’s main operating system. Unique to Fastlane turnstiles, it leverages and evaluates critical data from other sensor systems and sources into permission decisions.

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Lobby Security Systems That Become Smarter Over Time

Built on a modern interoperability and threat analysis architecture, the SmarterLobby platform allows optical turnstiles to go beyond enforcement of anti-tailgating policy. SmarterLobby creates an inherently more secure entrance control foundation upon which other relevant data sources can be added over time. It improves life safety while also advancing building automation and frictionless entry.


Establish Compliance

Define policies to serve as a foundation.

Enable turnstiles to automatically enforce physical security compliance protocols beyond anti-tailgating.


Reduce Exposure

Prepare for ever-changing threats.

Implement new or existing third-party technology to detect risk and mitigate threats in lobby environments.


Eliminate Bias

Humans are subjective.

Develop objective and randomized intervals for unbiased and auditable enforcement of secondary personnel and environment screening.


Create Efficiencies

Every facility is unique.

Define procedures to fit a perfect balance of automation and personnel intervention to give your facility a proactive safety posture.

Build Your SmarterLobby

Whether you’re looking for intelligent entrance control, access control or unified security management, we’ve got you covered.

Vehicle Adaptive

Risk Adaptive Solutions


Automatically deny access to vehicle entrances when external loitering is detected.
Tenant Adaptive

Risk Adaptive Solutions


Automatically adjust access requirements based on tenant-defined needs or change in tenants.
Equipment Adaptive

Risk Adaptive Solutions


Automatically adjust access requirements based on heavy machinery or specialized vehicles.
Value Adaptive

Risk Adaptive Solutions


Automatically adjust access requirements based on high-value or low-value asset storage.
Facility Adaptive

Risk Adaptive Solutions


Automatically deny access to specific environments based on situational security threats.
Weather Adaptive

Risk Adaptive Solutions


Automatically adjust access to specific shelter environments based on GPS coordinates of dangerous weather.
Compliance Adaptive

Risk Adaptive Solutions


Automatically adjust or deny access permissions based on personnel certifications.

Access Controls


Can act as a standalone or enterprise-grade physical access control platform.
Asset Adaptive

Risk Adaptive Solutions


Automatically deny or grant personnel access to an area based on an asset's location.
Behavior Adaptive

Risk Adaptive Solutions


Automatically deny or grant access to an area based on suspicious activities.
Door Detective

Entrance Control

Door Detective

A touchless “virtual guard” that helps secure all critical entry points.
Occupancy Analytics

Risk Adaptive Solutions

Occupancy Analytics

Set maximum occupancy limits and record occupancy in real-time in particular areas.
Intelligent Lockdown

Risk Adaptive Solutions

Intelligent Lockdown

Automatically and instantly lock down areas based on real-time threat analysis.
Advanced Screening

Risk Adaptive Solutions

Advanced Screening

Set up unbiased randomized screening protocols of personnel.

Entrance Control


Integrate a wide variety of 3rd-party peripheral products to authenticate identity.
Fastlane Turnstiles

Entrance Control

Fastlane Turnstiles

Turnstiles that pinpoint the size, shape and speed of individual entities.
Smarter Security's SmarterLobby data sheet

Download the SmarterLobby data sheet to learn more about the latest features and options available for your facility.

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