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Intelligent Entrance and Access Control

Detecting unauthorized access to facilities has never been more challenging. Smarter Security® understands the issues and delivers customized solutions with unprecedented intelligence for over 50% of the Fortune 100.


Intelligent Turnstiles

Fastlane® optical turnstiles secure the world’s most iconic buildings. Unrivaled brains, beauty and reliability make them the obvious choice when security and function cannot be compromised.


Specifier Resources On Demand

Elevate your project planning with Fastlane's exclusive turnstile design resources. Access AIA courses, BIM files, and more for seamless integration of our entrance control products. Explore the future of turnstile design today!


Our customers consider Smarter Security better than the competition in service, safety, and design.


say our technical support is better.*


rank our safety features as better.*


say our design is better.*

* Source: Customer Research – 2017

Our world is dynamic, your security solutions should be too.

Security’s challenges are incredibly dynamic, yet most solutions are inherently static. Smarter Security unleashes advanced intelligence to fortify your entrance and access controls.


All of our solutions harness the power of neural network intelligence to automate even the most advanced security protocols.


Fastlane® turnstiles are designed with unmatched craftsmanship and high-end aesthetics that seamlessly blend into your environment. Our security products are available in a broad array of custom finishes.


By choosing Fastlane turnstiles, you’re choosing unsurpassed value advanced technology and an easy integration process that will provide a significant return on your investment for years to come.

Unleashing Intelligent Security Solutions with Our Trusted Partners

Discover the power of intelligent access control solutions brought to life by our exceptional partners. At Smarter Security, we work hand-in-hand with industry pioneers to provide state-of-the-art technologies that guarantee optimal safety and protection.

Entrance Control

Fastlane optical turnstiles and gates protect your building by providing entry security with innovative and high-speed technology.

Door Detective

Secure access points beyond the lobby by protecting doors of critical importance. Door Detective removes vulnerabilities from open doors; detecting tailgaters, directional violations, and occupancy limits, for advanced building protection.

Where are turnstiles used?

Smarter Security provides security solutions known globally for high reliability at a lower total cost of ownership, across the world’s most iconic buildings and innovative organizations.

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