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Turnstiles in lobbies with MorphoWave readers, and endless integration options from the entrance control leader. Superior security to protect your facility from whatever life brings, we wanted to share a few of Smarter Security’s favorite things.

We’ve already shared some of the notable improvements and challenges that presented themselves in 2019 and those to be aware of into the new year, but reflecting on the year past, let’s take a moment to share technology, projects and accomplishments that made the year one we’re proud of.

Simplified Entry into Fastlane® Optical Turnstiles with IDEMIA MorphoWave
For high volume buildings, the presentation of credentials can not only create an unpleasant end user experience but a potential security threat as well. 2019 found the increased adoption of contactless and biometric readers, such as the IDEMIA MorphoWave, which allows for both a strengthened security protocol as well as a streamlined pedestrian experience. 

Contemporary West Side Office Skyscraper in New York
A sleek, ultramodern 51-story skyscraper in the heart of Manhattan’s West Side opened in early 2019 and selected Fastlane for the breadth of security integrations along with design possibilities. The turnstile was fit entirely flush mount with a MorphoWave reader, Qscan barcode scanner and ThyssenKrupp elevator dispatch display while most all other turnstiles of this nature must be surface mounted.

AI-Enabled Turnstiles
Weapons detection and entrance control became a prominent topic in 2019, but alongside it, artificial intelligence emerged as a technology that deserves rightful recognition for its integration within an entrance control strategy. One of the reasons why AI-enabled turnstiles makes the list of our favorite things for 2019 is that by using solutions like ReconaSense, an AI platform that unifies data sources such as weapon detection alarm input that can bypass the access control system and shut down a turnstile lane immediately. 

600 West Chicago
Home to both retail and businesses, 600 West Chicago desired a blend of luxury while also a required security element to handle the high pedestrian traffic. Together with Advent and WMA Consulting, the Glassgate 155 was chosen that also featured a QR code reader on visitor lane as well as elevator dispatch display. The Glassgate 155 featured a longer lane width to accommodate higher traffic volumes so that pedestrians wouldn’t experience any queueing issues in reaching their destination within the building.

Continued Customer Growth
Creating smarter entrance control solutions for our customers drives what we do every day, every month and every year. Which is why we’re excited that this is our biggest year of growth in almost 5 years. What this means to us is that we’ve enabled more safe facilities across the country, created more aesthetically pleasing lobbies than ever before and delivered more long-lasting entrance control impact to our customers. And for that, we’re thankful. 

A Resolution for Smarter Entrance Control in 2020
Whether you’re in the market for new entrance control solutions or evaluating options to replace existing physical security solutions, Smarter Security is a trusted partner committed to delivering premium technology with unparalleled service and design. Contact our sales team with your specific project needs to understand how Fastlane turnstiles can be a fit for you.

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Shana McCoy