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Beyond securing many of the world’s most iconic buildings in real cities, including 50% of the Fortune 100, Smarter Security and Fastlane turnstiles have earned a reputation for protecting some of Hollywood’s most notorious fictitious cities on the big screen. From the more than 125 buildings in New York City to certain high-profile buildings in Gotham, Smarter Security is there to make sure that only the authorized jokers get into your building. 

So grab some popcorn, sit back and relax because there’s no time like the present to add the following movies and shows to your queue.

On-Screen Star #1: Succession
Now finishing its second season on HBO, Succession centers around the fictional Roy family, the dysfunctional owners of a global media and hospitality empire, struggling for control of the company amidst the family’s patriarch’s health. In the show, you can see custom Fastlane Plus 400 MA in the Waystar Royco building, which is actually World Trade Center Tower 4. 

On-Screen Star #2: The East
Debuting in 2013, an undercover agent at a private intelligence firm, is hired to infiltrate the East, an ecoterrorism cell targeting companies that pollute the environment. Produced by Ridley Scott and receiving high critical acclaim at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, you will see custom Fastlane Plus 400 MA in the pharmaceutical building lobby. 

On-Screen Star #3: Gotham
Just concluding a 5 year series run on FOX, Gotham focuses on the Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne characters from the Batman franchise. Throughout the course of the show, Gotham serves as a prequel to Gordon’s early days as well as an origin story to many of the infamous Batman villains such as Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Bane and The Joker. As for Gotham security, you can see Glassgate 150s protecting the Gotham Police Station in the show. 

On-Screen Star #4: Rocky Balboa
Sequel to Rocky V and the sixth movie in the Rocky series, Rocky Balboa centers around aging Balboa living in Philadelphia, and the owner and operator of a local Italian restaurant called “Adrian’s”, named after his late wife. Yearning to recapture a bit of his glory days, he plans to re-enter the ring for a few low-profile, local matches. All that changes when Rocky accepts a challenge to fight the world’s reigning heavyweight champion, Mason “The Line” Dixon. In the lead up to the film’s keynote fight, you can see a Clearstyle 200.

On-Screen Star #5: Russian Doll
Just concluding its first season on Netflix, Russian Doll stars Emmy-nominated actress Natasha Lyonne in a “Groundhog’s Day” scenario as she attends a party in New York City each night, only to die at the end of the night every time and awake unharmed the next day. Of the eight episodes in Season 1, you can find a custom gold finish Fastlane Plus 400MA in episode 3, titled “A Warm Body”. 

A Showstopping Lobby Awaits
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