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Each year, Christmas seems to begin earlier than the year previous to it. For some, Christmas in July is a reality- as the years go by more and more people witness friends and family putting up the tree in September or October. It’s fair to say, though, that after the last two years, everyone needs a reason to feel holly and act jolly. The warmth of the holiday season is a chance to warm ourselves up from a seemingly cold season of social distancing, healthy and safety protocols, and digital conferences.

Among security professionals, the story of Santa Claus is a feat in itself. A man crawling down your chimney, undetected, to leave gifts perfectly wrapped in your living room? In our expert opinion, it sounds like whoever’s house he visits, really ought to consider better security going into 2022. Here at Smarter Security, we like to think we have behaved all year, and that our company wishlist has the potential to come true since we have made the executive decision that none of us landed on the naughty list (this year, at least).

Since we aren’t getting coal, what did we write Santa to ask for next year? Below are our company and department leaders with what lands on the top of their lists for 2022.

Jeff Brown, CEO: “My wish is to hear more laughter and see more smiles. It’s been a tough couple of years for everyone, so I suggest watching “Elf” twice (or whatever makes you laugh) and remember to be grateful for all we have.”

David Dolmanet, CFO: “I look forward to an even stronger return of Entrance and Access Control. In these trying times, everyone needs frictionless access to their offices. Second, no more pandemics!”

Steven Naltsas, Sr. Director of Sales: “I wish for the continued success of the entire team. This year, our RMA’s accounted for less than 1% of our products. This means our products continue to have a less than 1% failure rate which is outstanding and attests to our quality and overall ROI.”

Steven Arechiga, Customer Success Manager: “I’d like to do more giving back to the community next year. Because of Covid-19, volunteer work was put on pause on the company and personal level in many ways. As for optical turnstiles, it would be fun if our Glassgate turnstiles had programmable seasonal jingles like some doorbells do.”
Tricia Shields, Accounting and Production: “I wish to have the diligence to better myself.”

Security Smart Enough for Santa
As the new year approaches, it’s time to take a comprehensive review of your entrance control security protocol. If you’re ready to analyze your current security infrastructure or start fresh in 2022, contact our sales team with your specific needs to understand how Fastlane turnstiles, Door Detective, and SmarterLobby can make your New Year safer and happier!