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As the world has evolved, physical security is no longer a basic tactical element of security initiatives, but rather a strategic one. Maturing from being physical barriers intended to prevent unauthorized entry to integrated, thoughtfully designed, multifunctional security elements, entrance control has continued to make great strides in the levels of protection and safety to facilities and their occupants.

Looking at 2019 specifically, there are several noteworthy improvements to the entrance control market, challenges to the facilities and solutions that vendors must consider. These will continue as key considerations for the new year.

Enhanced Ability to Control Access
Over the past few years, turnstiles have continued to incorporate advanced security integrations into their design and functionality. However, the integrations that have gained traction in the last 12 months are more sophisticated in elevating a facility’s security posture. Where credential integrations in turnstiles used to consist primarily of barcode and proximity card readers, they have continued to evolve into contactless and biometric readers, including facial recognition which can increase security levels. Additionally, next generation Access Control solutions like ReconaSense enable adaptive permissions which can dynamically change based on abnormal or concerning activities.

Combating the Evolution of Threats
It’s no secret to any security practitioner that threats are constantly evolving and we must always work to stay ahead of potential attacks. With increasing usage of wide entrance lanes for compliance, a new challenge has surfaced: sidegating. As wider lanes have become more common to accommodate ADA requirements, the potential for two pedestrians to collude and enter the lane side-by-side undetected also emerged as a security risk to facilities. While turnstiles such as the Fastlane Glassgate 155 have sidegating detection that uniquely solves this problem, it is another challenge that security teams must account for when securing entrances to facilities.

Broadening the Spectrum of Security
Looking forward to 2020, security teams must continue to think in terms of scale. An area of entrance control security that this has been most challenging is the way that facilities secure their occupants against weapons and potential mass shootings. The status quo of weapons detection has long been a metal detector, but it leaves much to be desired when it comes to weapon screening at scale. As the new year begins, it’ll be important to watch for the continued development in solutions like the PATSCAN Platform from PatriotOne. With the PATSCAN Platform, facilities can now adopt mass screening that integrates within their lobby in a discreet way while detecting and preventing entry to potential active shooters trying to access the facility.

Start Your New Year with Smarter Security
New year, new entrance control strategies to consider. Whether you’re looking to start a new project or refresh an existing lobby or facility, contact our sales team with your specific project needs to understand how Fastlane turnstiles can be a fit for you.