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Turnstiles continue to serve as an industry-standard in an effective entrance control strategy. They can provide a seamless security experience and visually complement any lobby, a critical feature for architects and designers. Modern Fastlane® Turnstiles allow customization for almost every element of the turnstile pedestal, including the type of exterior material, the color, and the finish. At the same time, customization of barrier glass and beyond allow hundreds of unique designs that result in aesthetically integrated physical security components.

With Smarter Security® , turnstiles have become significantly more than just a physical barrier to prevent unauthorized entry – they are now more intelligent and work as an integrated component of your overall entrance security infrastructure. Fastlane turnstiles utilize infrared sensors to accurately pinpoint individuals’ size, shape, and speed passing through the lane. They can detect tailgating by spotting unauthorized entries less than ¼” apart and can sense appropriate directional control. For organizations that wish to monitor who comes in and who goes out and with what, turnstiles are the most respected and versatile options on the market.

Yet security protocols should not just fortify an entrance—individuals can elude the front entry through a back door or possible stolen credentials. Detecting the person right away is key to a robust security protocol. Smarter Security’s Door Detective® is an additional layer of security to restrict access further and provide population counting to help identify personnel who have passed into an area.

Using multiple infrared beams from equipment mounted near the door frames, Door Detectives can accurately monitor movement in both directions each time a person presents their credentials to pass through a doorway. Alarms sound to identify access control violations to alert staff where their attention may be required. This is a perfect addition to add to your perimeter doors or areas within your building that require a higher level of security.

Considering the constant stream in the news about shootings, data breaches, theft, violence in the workplace, and protests, the time of wide-open lobbies that are easily accessible is coming to an end. If the wrong person gains access, the risk of damage is becoming too great of a threat: thieves, shooters, corporate spies, disgruntled former employees, angry domestic partners, the list is long. We now enter the world of Smart building, whereby a wide range of security data streams throughout a building or campus is preferred to reduce the likely hood of a breach proactively.

For these complex, multifaceted security solutions, unification and simplification are critical to success. An access control system is the best way to prevent and monitor without the cost of adding additional person-hours. When paired with access control systems like SmarterLobby, security protocols are now connected to create a web of security measures that will increase the safety of all who enter.


Hope Gilson is the South Central Regional Sales Manager at Smarter Security. She’s an extremely passionate and knowledgeable advocate in entrance and access control, putting service in clients first.

With over 20 years of first-hand PACS experience selling to national and local integrators and distributors, she is extremely well connected and respected nationally. If you have questions or would like to schedule a free physical security consultation with Hope, please message Hope on LinkedIn.