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Fastlane: The Swiss Army Knife of Turnstiles

One-size-fits-all is fine when the cloth is cut the same for everyone. But, when someone offers a Swiss Army knife to get the job done, it can do any number of functions for your unique needs. It’s why we hail the utility knife with such esteem- it finds a way to be useful in countless situations. Why isn’t your physical security strategy full of brands that fit your unique needs? Why is security not both highly functional and elevated in design? With Fastlane turnstiles, it can be. With increased efficiency, ROI, analytics availability, and seamless integrations, we can cover your needs, no matter how unique.

Need tailgating detection?   

What about side-by-side collusion prevention?

Fastest throughput in the industry at 60 people per second?

Designed to match your colors, materials, and aesthetic?

Easily integrates into your access control, readers, and biometrics?

Industry-Exclusive Technology

Upon a recent reflection with a colleague, we remarked that we rarely speak of the additional functionality of turnstiles in our customer meetings. Yes, Smarter Security turnstiles are the fastest in the industry at 60 people a minute, the only turnstiles with sidegating collusion detection, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are various reasons customers need turnstiles. It is often to prevent unauthorized entry or pose as a physical deterrent. But did you know that turnstiles can also help track populations in and out of a building or area? Or can be used for randomized screening to deter theft. Whatever your security needs include, Fastlane turnstiles have an excellent track record of securing buildings for over 30 years.

Efficiency & ROI

In recent years, I’ve had countless clients turn to Fastlane Turnstiles for both efficiency and ROI. Examples are staffing efficiency, destination dispatch deployment, and touchless biometric readers. The latter is of great importance in a post-pandemic era. Customers are finding more ways for employees and students to limit physical contact from social interactions to keep everyone safe and return to the office. Read our ROI case study!


An exciting and recent change in customer focus has been the emphasis and demand for analytics. The term analytic can be loaded as it does not exclusively mean data anymore. Turnstiles can be utilized with HR software to track employee locations, use the information to trigger events and create automated actions, create food production efficiency, trigger random security screenings to limit targeting, and much more. When end-users integrate any number of these elements to their advantage, they receive a secure environment and a plethora of data. The return on investment can occur as little as a few months from deployment.

Case Study of Success

A shining example is the University of Notre Dame. Their South Dining Hall had extraordinarily long lines of hungry students waiting to eat in the cold Indiana winter. The implementation of our Glassgate 150 lanes allowed for a much more efficient streamlining of students, practically eliminating the time students spent waiting in line in the elements. Staff was also able to be repurposed to allow for increased labor efficiency.

Perhaps the most surprising benefit of installing turnstiles was using the information of what time and what days students were dining. Harvesting this information allowed food production to adjust to demand, helped dictate staffing needs, and eliminated food waste. The university found an ROI in 6 months with the Glassgate 150!


Contact Me

I urge you to take advantage of what I have learned in my tenure in the physical security industry and at Smarter Security. Talk to the housing department, security team, facilities department, dining hall, IT team, and marketing department and ask them what their wish lists are, you may find that other departments and budgets have a need for heightened and more intelligent security strategies. You will find that Smarter Security Fastlane turnstiles are an excellent tool to get everyone what they knew they wanted and what they didn’t know they needed.


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