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One of the most crucial things about security is its impact and evolution across the globe. This is one of the many reasons why Smarter Security is excited to participate once again in the Global Security Exchange (GSX) in person in Orlando, Florida on September 27th-29th.

GSX focuses on all forms of security: cyber, operational, and our personal favorite, physical. Whatever your area of interest or expertise across the security field, we have 3 things to keep in mind as you travel to Orlando for the healthiest and most full experience at GSX 2021.

1. Discover the Best Security Products on the Market
There are more than 350 exhibitors attending GSX this year, meaning there are hundreds of technologies that can strengthen even the strongest of security. For those looking to consider new or replacement entrance control innovations, Smarter Security will be featuring turnstile and interior doorway innovations; including two different FastlaneⓇ optical turnstile models, the latest access control ReconaSense, facial recognition technology such as IDEMIA’s VisionPass and ISS SecurOS FaceX software, and the premier solution in door-mounted entrance control, Door Detective .

2. Networking
Our perspective and knowledge can be shaped by those we have in our professional network. GSX is a great opportunity to extend your network and start a dialogue with those who face similar challenges in their day-to-day roles and who are equally responsible for enforcing organization-wide security policies and procedures. Talk to your neighbor in a session or chat with a colleague during one of the many networking functions intended to give you the exposure to like-minded peers who are looking to discuss best practices and new points of view with other practitioners just like you.

“GSX is the perfect place for a real hands-on experience to know the true differences assuring you make the right choice for the safety and security of your facility, employees, investors, and visitors. I am excited to be spending these next days together with a team I wouldn’t trade.”

-Steven Naltsas, Director of Entrance Control




“I am looking forward to seeing our local clients who have been travel-restricted and meeting new partners who have started new positions since the pandemic.”

-Dan Gardner, Southeast Regional Manager


3. Health & Safety Precautions
This year, GSX will be held in a hybrid format, offering both virtual and in-person attendance. ASIS is taking great precautions to protect attendees as best as possible by requiring face masks and partnering with Safe Expo. The partnership means there will be on-site Covid-19 testing, frequent cleaning, and social distancing. Additionally, you can apply for “Vax Pass” to confirm vaccination status to bypass the daily health attestation. Bring the email confirmation with you the first day, and it will be good for the entire show! The second option is to complete a daily health attestation via phone or tablet, where you will receive a green check on your badge to signify you passed to screening staff. For more information on GSX’s health protocols, please read HERE.


Make Every Entrance Smarter
Join us on September 27th-29th in the Orange County Convention Center at booth #719 if faster turnstiles, lobby security, and intelligent access control are priorities for you. Book a one-on-one meeting with a Smarter Security team member at a time that’s most convenient for you. Register for a free expo-only pass or use promo code PIP to receive $50.00 off an All-Access pass.