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The first FICAM certified and COTS Risk-Adaptive security framework. We protect federal, military, state, and other critical infrastructures requiring top-grade security with insider threat detection and our unification platform.

Exceeds Government Regulation

Our FICAM certified, patented solution exceeds Government regulations for HSPD-12, FIPS 201, ICD705, UL1076, and FIPS 140-2. It unifies security, sensors, and IoT devices by converting data into actionable intelligence on a common operating picture while identifying insider threats and mitigating risk.

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Modernize Access
Predict Threats
Improve Compliance

Insider Threat Detection

Intelligent, Risk-Adaptive Approach

The only next-generation platform that uniquely identifies insider threats via real-time data transformation, evaluation, and automated policy adjustments to military-grade facilities. Risk-Adaptivity is identified through several proprietary capabilities:

  • Physical Access Control System
  • Command Control Display
  • Insider Threat Intelligence & Interception

Unified Platform

Break Down Data Silos Across Federal Systems

For PACS that extend across several sites under one central agency, our system unifies all modifications into one common language, on one common operating platform, providing a clear view of risks. The system automatically adjusts permissions informed by data.

Build Your ReconaSense

Whether you’re looking for a completely centralized access control system, enhanced risk-adaptive capabilities or have specific hardware requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Access Control

Traditional Access Control

Control access without context using a traditional rule-based framework.

Access Control

Unified Access Control

Monitor diverse access control systems within a common and centralized interface.

Access Control

Intelligent Access Control

Control access using context across both traditional rule-based and modern risk-based frameworks.

Risk Adaptive

Credential Activity

Adjust physical permissions based on credential behavior and potential operator collusion.

Risk Adaptive

Digital Operations

Adjust physical permissions based on digital operations.

Risk Adaptive

Infectious Disease

Adjust physical permissions based on personnel health status and local risk factors.

Risk Adaptive

IoT Sensors

Adjust physical permissions based on data from wireless sensors.

Risk Adaptive

Physical Operations

Adjust physical permissions based on personnel role, asset location or operational status.

Risk Adaptive

Shared Workspace

Adjust physical permissions based on facilities that are shared among multiple individuals and teams.

Risk Adaptive

Single Sign-On

Adjust physical permissions based on digital user behavior and location.

Risk Adaptive


Adjust physical permissions based on tailgating records and habits..

Risk Adaptive

Video Analytics

Adjust physical permissions based on events from video analytics and security cameras.

Risk Adaptive

Watch List

Adjust physical permissions based on personnel's off-hour activity.

Risk Adaptive

Weapon Detection

Adjust physical permissions based on weapon detection and personnel training.

Risk Adaptive


Adjust physical permissions based on events from weather patterns detected online.


Mercury Controllers

Achieve robust configurations with series 3 controllers supporting OSDP.


Power Supply & Enclosures

Protect and power your access and entry control components.



Readers supporting OSDP.


Door Detective

Ensure integrity of access and entry control at every critical interior doorway.


Fastlane Turnstiles

Ensure integrity of access control at your most important points of entry in even the most high-traffic areas.
ReconaSense provides security for Federal solutions
Federal Solutions

Our Physical Security Technical Toolkit outlines how ReconaSense provides proactive security with intelligent data, insider threat detection, and risk scoring.

Advanced building protections with SmarterLobby
Building Solutions

Made to complement our entrance control, our access control solutions have pioneered a way for advanced building protection.

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