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After a long year of social distancing, we’re thrilled to be attending ISC West in Las Vegas once again. We are grateful to not only be able to together as a team again, but after over a year of being virtual to have the opportunity to meet customers and prospects face-to-face.

ISC West is the largest security event, hosting over 30,000 security professionals annually. Aside from the endless possibility of having so many security professionals and pioneers in one building, there are more than 1,000 exhibits and products that will be available for hands-on demonstrations, display, and discussion. All that said, after a year off due to Covid-19 and with over 20 years of consistent attendance, we asked some of our team to share what they’re most looking forward to and what you can’t miss at ISC West, besides the heat.

1. Steven Naltsas – Director of Entrance Control

What are you most excited about at ISC West? I am thrilled to be once again in person with my co-workers, clients, and industry peers. The energy and education that occurs at ISC West irreplaceable. It allows people from all different positions (end-users, consultants, integrators, investors, and manufacturers) to see all the products and conduct a “side by side” comparison of features, function, and looks to narrow down what safety and security fits best for their facility, employees, visitors, and more.
What is one thing someone can’t miss while attending?  I’m a believer that you just can’t miss ISC West. Like many things in life, you get out of it what you put into it.  Some go with a very open mind and willingness to learn, see what’s new and locate the details that separate brands/products from the rest. There is always something new to learn, something to grow from, something to improve yourself with, you just have to attend with an open mind, listen, and pay attention to the details.

2. Sherinda Barrow – Director of Engineering Services

What are you most excited about at ISC West? People and faces! It will be so refreshing to see our customers, dealers, colleagues, and partners in person this year. 2020 challenged us all in several areas of our lives – many of which we could have never imagined. I am excited to demonstrate our solution at the show to attendees in a live venue.
What is one thing someone can’t miss while attending? The Smarter Security booth! I love visiting the booths and learning about new products, and how they can be leveraged to create more intelligent security environments. When not manning the Smarter Security booth or meeting with partners and system users, I will be visiting other booths to see the latest advancements and trends.

3. Kevin Kolego – Director of Federal Solutions

What are you most excited about at ISC West? I am most excited about the opportunity to finally meet in person with customers, integrators, and government end-users across the industry.  I’m looking forward to getting to hear from industry experts and learning more about the biggest concerns our government customers have for their physical security needs.
What is one thing someone can’t miss while attending? One thing you can’t miss at our booth, in particular, is our game-changing technology! Our software is an industry first and provides end-users with the ability to automatically respond to and report on any possible security or emergency. In and around Vegas, you can’t miss out on Area 15 and the Omega Mart. This is an awesome spot with lots to do and some hidden treasures you really must experience!

4. Danielle Ebner – Northeast Regional Sales Manager

What are you most excited about at ISC West? Reconnecting! To me, ISC West is as much about networking as it is about seeing all the products. Seeing people face-to-face, having lunch, coffee, or drinks is where the real business happens.
What is one thing someone can’t miss while attending? I want people to come by and walk through our Glassgate 155. We can talk about intelligence all we want. But, until someone attempts to sidegate on our lane, see how it works, and then walks around and tries a turnstile elsewhere, do they really see the difference that sets us apart. As for a cannot miss in Las Vegas, definitely the Neon Museum. I love it there!

5. Dan Gardner – Southeast Regional Sales Manager

What are you most excited about at ISC West? I’m excited to finally get back in front of customers that I haven’t seen in almost two years. The show gives us a great chance to meet with clients from all over the world that normally might not fly out just to say “hi”. It will also be a fantastic chance to meet with all of my colleagues at Smarter Security who I haven’t had the chance to meet yet in person.
What is one thing someone can’t miss while attending? One of the things I look forward to the most in Vegas is all the different restaurants. You have some of the best food from all over the world within walking distance of the strip. If I wanted to get away from people for a bit and had an extra day or two in Las Vegas I would head to Grand Canyon West. It is only a few hours away but has amazing views and the Skywalk which lets you walk out with only a glass bridge below you.

6. Raywyn Bryce – Technical Support Representative

What are you most excited about at ISC West? It’s great to be together with the extended Smarter team, aka the out-of-towners. We work well and have fun together. The shows give us that opportunity. It is also always great to see our integrators and installers. As often as I’m in the field, I develop comradery with many of our integrators. It is always nice to see a familiar face.
What is one thing someone can’t miss while attending? Well, ME! But really, our sample of the ballistic glass is new and amazing. We are constantly evolving our security products. We even have a video we will be streaming at the booth of our new ballistic glass being shot in a demonstration.

Join us on July 19th-21st at the Sands Expo Convention Center at booth #7101 if faster turnstiles, lobby security, and intelligent access control are priorities for you. Book a one-on-one meeting HERE with a Smarter Security team member at a time that’s most convenient for you. Free registration HERE.