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Smarter Security packed its bags (and turnstiles) to Las Vegas, Nevada for ISC West 2023! The International Security Conference is one of the largest showcases in the industry where you’ll find the latest in technology, integrations, and the fiercest developments of the security world. Speakers, inventors, professionals and spectators came together to chat about the betterment of safety for all. In case you missed it, we’ve got you covered with a recap from our experience. 

The Magnificent Door Detective SG 

Starting with a big hit, Smarter Security’s Door Detective drew mass attention from ISC West attendees to see this new automated door protector. Installed on the sides of a glass double door, one person would credential in. If a second person entered in any fashion- tailgating, piggybacking, wrong way, or side-by-side, LED indicators would quickly turn from green to red and alert of this trespass. With the ability to detect sidegating on double doors, securing larger entry widths is no longer an issue. This exciting new sidegating feature is a Smarter Security exclusive.

Perhaps you have an open lobby so traffic is free to flow. Or maybe you have your entry secured, but not all those who pass are allowed in every access tier. You likely have more doors to protect depending on valuable assets, sensitive material, occupancy limits, etc. 

The Door Detective is able to provide occupancy counting, sense entry and exit (two flows of motion), alarm, and ensure only those with proper credentials are entering. With these powerful features in a sleek design, it’s no wonder our booth called for nonstop demos from visitors!

The Door Detective SG attracting a crowd of spectators to see it in action.

Robot meets Turnstile

Shifting gears to turnstiles, we brought along four of our models- the Glassgate 150, 155, 300, and 400. With our assortment of turnstile products, each contain their own features and customization abilities. Our versatility sees range in barrier height, width, finishes, and special integrations (which we’re excited to tell you more about later in this blog). 

These turnstiles are inclusive to more than just your average pedestrian. We account for businesses where equipment may be a daily necessity, while not slowing down the flow of traffic through security clearance. Hospital gurneys, wheelchairs, suitcases, and even pets. 

In true ISC nature, robots were among us around the event. We saw Unitree’s robot smart dog, the Go1, wandering around our booth. We put the turnstile to the test- getting a pet, even robotic, detected alongside the human with the proper credential. It was a delightful sight to see as spectators gathered around to see the two in action together. Just another reason why we love being at events like this. Meeting other industry pros with their own magic and seeing how the two parties can tango. 


Design Integration with Alcatraz AI 

There is beauty in collaboration, merging two strong entities to create something greater. Smarter Security teamed up with Alcatraz AI to show how different technologies can be designed into our product line. 

Alcatraz AI is a leading facial biometric reader that removes the need for a physical badge. Now, your face is your credential, removing the need to carry a card, the burden of  re-enrollment, and eliminating identity falsification. We sat down with Alcatraz’s very own Ty Miller, Director of Channel Sales, to hear his professional take on what the combination offers to the world. 

“Alcatraz AI and Smarter Security have a very strong strategic partnership, enabling unique and customizable solutions for our partners. If a customer is looking for frictionless secure access into a building, Alcatraz and Smarter provide a frictionless single option or 2 factor authentication at the speed of one factor authentication. With a quick, convenient, and contactless approach, we provide a seamless experience for users while also improving security..”

Design in action – Alcatraz shared a Mobile Enrollment invite to ISC West attendees, demonstrating the easy enrollment process of their biometric solution. Those who enrolled were able to walk up to our turnstiles in each booth and walk through as soon as they showed up. 

The two teams are currently working together on a unique design for an enterprise client, which Ty shares excitement for as this hasn’t typically been done with other turnstile manufacturers. Collaboration and customization for the ultimate results.

Ty Miller standing next to a Smarter Security Glassgate 150 turnstile seamlessly integrated with the Alcatraz AI biometric reader.

ReconaSense Risk Adaptive Security

Just around the corner from our booth was ReconaSense, a customizable access control platform that centers its strategy around risk adaptive automation. 

Sync ReconaSense with multiple devices. Your cameras, turnstiles, water sensors, and much more. ReconaSense reads information from your environment and assigns a risk score. When your threat level is high, it will make changes to strengthen protection in your physical environment. 

An example of this can look like a camera going down or a door being forced open. Threat level is higher, therefore security will now increase alongside these events. The system will make a move – such as requiring extra authentication for entry, automatically locking doors, or any alternate response you set it to follow. 

We were able to hear from Kevin Kolego, Senior Director at ReconaSense. “We have seen tremendous growth over the last year and are expanding into new markets in both the Government and Commercial verticals. Risk management, the ability to conduct real-time threat assessment, and the automation of the security response to a safety/security event is coming to access control whether folks want it to or not. Recon is there today! And I am extremely excited to introduce our technology to new partners, consultants, and security integrators. We provide the most advanced security platform to, literally, help save lives and reduce the financial burden of our customers. For the first time ever, an organization can effectively introduce risk management in their physical security, access control, and beyond.”

ReconaSense has an easy user experience that allows you to set up the rules you want it to enforce. After set up is done, you can rest easy knowing its at your side at all times. Automation removes human error, reduces costs, and works as your digital handler to solve unique business challenges. This team showcased a truly forward-thinking security platform that has the power to keep bad actors out and tenants honest. 

Senior Director, Kevin Kolego, alongside the ReconaSense access control platform.


Smarter Security embraces the spirit of an exposition like ISC West in powering the future of safety and security. Through the presentations, collaborations, and learning, we become better together. We can’t wait to do it again at ISC East in November. See you soon New York City!