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The hustle of the holidays is here. Christmas trees started slowly appearing since after Halloween. Holiday music infiltrated the airwaves before we could even properly feast with the family for Thanksgiving.

For those of us security-minded professionals, the treasured holiday story of Santa Claus, his trusted reindeer and merry elves give us a reason to pause. Beyond the sheer physical manpower it would take for Santa to power himself around the world to deliver gifts to all the good boys and girls, there are seemingly significant entrance control security gaps in the management of the North Pole.

Today, we break down some of the burning questions that have come to mind when our focus on security collides with Santa, his workshop and elves who make the North Pole come to life.

How would I grant access to a reindeer?
Totally possible. Nothing a Fastlane® optical turnstile couldn’t help you with. Created with an infrared matrix and neural networks that analyze the person (or prestigious creature) in the lane, the turnstile allows access to those who present the proper credentials, and allows them to clear the lane before closing. So if Blitzen ignores the reader and tries to tailgate behind Rudolph (within ¼ inch), or even sneak in alongside Rudolph, the Fastlane will trigger an alarm prompting security to address the intrusion.

Who is authenticating all those elves?
It’s almost 2020 and it’s no longer just a free-for-all of elves at the North Pole. After all, it’s prestigious to work at Santa’s Workshop and you must have the credentials to present to your reader in order to gain access. Due to the ultimate secrecy of the workshop, dual-layer security is in place to eliminate tailgating. So you’ll most likely find solutions like Door Detectives® in Santa’s most critical data center and other access-controlled doorways, to keep those elves honest once high-security doors have been opened. 

What would the design of a Fastlane turnstile look like for Santa’s workshop?
Most likely red, no doubt. But if red powder coat or Rimex® metal is more appropriate for the North Pole, we can’t be sure. There are no other entrance control solutions that integrate as a design component better than Fastlane turnstiles. With hundreds of design possibilities including upgraded metals, custom tops and finishes, to unique graphics and customized pedestal shapes, every facility can be as magical as Santa’s Workshop.

Security Smart Enough for Santa
As the new year approaches, it’s time to take a comprehensive review of your entrance control security protocol. If you’re ready to supplement your existing physical security infrastructure or start fresh in 2020, contact our sales team with your specific project needs to understand how Fastlane turnstiles can make your New Year a happier and safer one!