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Smarter Security is thrilled to present our BIGGEST showcase yet at the upcoming ISC West in Vegas. Bringing along some of our most popular products, attendees will be able to live demo customized and technology-integrated turnstiles, including the Glassgate 150, Glassgate 155, Glassgate 300, and Glassgate 400, as well as our exclusive Door Detective SG. To push this lineup further, we are also bringing along the NEW Fastlane Interlock, our dual-barrier turnstile solution for strict enforcement of high security areas. We checked in with our team to gain insight on their excitement, perspective, and knowledge as we eagerly anticipate the country’s largest security expo!

1. What should others come pick your mind about when meeting you at the event?

STEVEN NALTSAS “I encourage you to pick my brain about the crucial differentiators of our products compared to the competition. From intricate details like how many visible screw heads are there and the manufacturing processes to broader aspects like aesthetics, environmental considerations, and cost-saving features, I possess comprehensive insights into what sets us apart. Let’s explore how these factors not only distinguish our offerings but also provide tangible benefits to our customers and the market as a whole.”

CLAYTON BROWN “Smarter Security has a lot of updates to share with ISC-West 2024 attendees – more than usual. Did you know, a single tailgate incident can cost $500,000 – with 10% of all malicious data breaches originating from physical security issues? Data centers and IT decision-makers are driving conversation around advanced tailgating applications, where the facilities fully appreciate products with 99% accuracy and 99% uptime. The insights from these conversations lead to the development of our industry’s first turnkey mantrap solution – Glassgate Interlock ® , as well as the introduction of Sidegate® Detection – our industry’s first anti-collusion protection for optical turnstiles and critical access points. So if anyone is looking to ‘door’ out any sort of unauthorized access attempt or the various types of insider threats, Booth #5089 is a safe space for you!”

2. What can others look forward to at the Smarter Security booth?

CODY ST. JOHN “Technology rich conversations around our NEW and forward-looking entrance control product line! Whether it’s the convenience of a custom 1000mm width lane or a rapidly deployable high security mantrap solution, the Smarter Security booth is a “must see” for any attendee at ISC West!”

COLIN WRIGHT “We are the “one-stop-source” for a full range of turnstile and tailgate solutions. For architects and engineers, what level of security does the site require? From very high (Fastlane Interlock mantrap) down to just an audible alarm (Door Detective), we offer all ranges at a single source to make their life easy. For integrators, they can ‘upgrade’ from a GG150 to something more robust higher up the scale, or if budgets are a problem they can slide back down without having to change suppliers. Last, for end users, they may not know exactly what they want but we can help them make the right decision and certainly provide it.

3. What are you excited for at this upcoming ISC West?

DANIELLE EBNER “The networking! I think this show used to be for integrators to learn about new products. Now, more end users come, along with consultants and integrators.  Bring a whole box of cards and be sure to attend the after-show events. You will meet some amazing people at ISC West.”

AMBER BECKWITH “I love ISC West because it gives Smarter Security the opportunity to dazzle! We have the BEST turnstiles and the best team! I can’t wait to see all our customers from around the world in Vegas.”

CLAYTON ALLISON With this being my first time attending ISC West, I am looking forward to meeting and discussing our product line with potential end-users. Seeing the “WOW” look on their faces, those are the moments I’m excited for at this show.”

ISC West is set to take place April 9 – 12, 2024 at the Las Vegas Venetian Expo.

Excited to learn more? Schedule a 1×1 meeting with our team at ISC West! We’re offering personalized walkthroughs with sales and technical experts at the event.

Need to register? Grab a complimentary guest pass on us. We’ll see you at Smarter Security booth #5089!


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