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After a highly vetted search for the next Smarter Security representative, our team has welcomed Clayton Allison as our Mid-Atlantic Region Sales manager. Allison firmly believes in the importance of collaboration between operations and sales, which has propelled several accomplishments in his career. With his background and customer-driven approach, we found his qualities not only align with our work, but fuel our mission to continuously grow in perspective and quality. His proclaimed specialty is “developing an environment where mediocrity has no place.”

Eager to learn more, we sat down to hear about his beginnings at Smarter Security.

1. What stood out to you about Smarter Security?

CLAYTON “On the product side, the quality and thought put into each piece of our devices are exceptional. I’ve dealt with a lot of complex systems, and the way our product is used and engineered surpasses what I’ve seen from others I’ve toured. Along with how everyone is deeply involved, from product delivery to the customer’s experience, whether an integrator or end user. At every step of the way, there’s a well-defined process in place that we smoothly execute. Customer care and the quality of our product exceed anything I’ve experienced in recent years.”

2. How has your first month been at the company?

CLAYTON “It’s been great, honestly. Transitioning to a company of our size has been a pleasant change. The first thing I’ve noticed is the culture. With a smaller group of us, the responsiveness and care that everyone has for our product has been empowering. It’s tightknit, especially within our sales team, talking to our team members on a daily basis. It’s been a great welcome into the company. I did prior research before taking on this role, and I knew I had made the right move by joining the best in our industry with entrance control. I love being able to stand behind what I’m selling, so it felt good to make the right decision.”

3. I saw you completed an order for a customer within your first 2 weeks. How were you able to assist the customer so quickly?!

CLAYTON “For a current end user, they already owned some of our classic Door Detectives. They wanted a set of 4 more for another facility. The training Steven Naltsas provided me in our process made me able to make that fulfillment effectively.”

4. How do you stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the security industry, and assist our customers based on this knowledge?

CLAYTON “I’m a member of Asis, I’m using LinkedIn, Google News, I pay attention to updates about what is developing across the industry. I listen to end users sharing their challenges. With alerts that notify when something’s happening, I see how that event is tied to what we can offer for a solution.”

5. How does your background lend to how you’re able to assist clients?

CLAYTON “My technical background of helping design, sell, and integrate access control to surveillance systems, and how our devices play a role in that, gives me a level ground to help integrators that are buying our products. I understand what they’re looking for, how our product can be tied to it, and give the end user a certain result for incidents they’re trying to control. Being on the sales side as an integrator, I realize how important my relationship is with our integrators, largely because I did the most business with manufacturer reps who are responsive. Most of the time, projects are time-sensitive, so I understand the need to stay on top of projects. Having that forefront and responsiveness is a critical part for the success of my region. Having that consistent response and availability to them, they know they can rely on myself and the rest of our team to handle whatever they need in a timely manner. Lastly, I was exposed to state and local government projects, so between procurement processes and the timelines of those projects, working with those customers will also help out as I take on federal opportunities.”

Clayton Allison is ready to make an impact for the betterment of our customers’ security needs. Meet Allison at ISC East November 14-16, 2023, at Smarter Security booth #318. Receive a complimentary pass to the event on us here. Can’t make it? Allison is ready to meet and can be reached at