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Times are ever-changing, but one thing always remains the same: the priority to ensure the safety of people and assets within a facility. One area in particular plays a critical role for building safety and security. The first line of defense, the lobby, is the primary gateway for both employees and visitors. By maximizing lobby security, organizations reduce the risk of security breaches and create tranquility for occupants through a safer environment.

The lobby sets the tone as the first impression for the level of security enforced within the building. A secure lobby not only protects against unauthorized access, but also acts as a deterrent for potential threats. A well secured entry point can enhance the overall image of an organization’s professionalism and standards. Additionally, as lobbies facilitate diverse activities, versatility requires careful security planning to ensure the order and safety of individuals. Whether patrons are utilizing the lobby as a waiting area, information center, or place of organization, a controlled entry and exit point allows security personnel to monitor and screen crowds effectively.

Despite the welcoming center point they provide, lobbies face a variety of threats and challenges when it comes to security. One of the most common threats is tailgating, where an unauthorized individual follows closely behind an authorized person to gain entry without proper authentication. The consequences of bad actors are detrimental for any business, causing financial and reputational damage. Tailgating can be difficult to detect, especially in busy lobbies with a constant flow of people. Fortunately, modern access control technology can combat this exact scenario, which we’ll dive into shortly.

High traffic is another challenge that can make it difficult to maintain effective security. The constant flow of employees, visitors, and deliveries creates a dynamic environment that requires proactive security management. Avoid overwhelming security personnel or human error by utilizing automated systems to monitor activities and respond to any potential threats swiftly.

Where Turnstiles and Speedgates Can Help

Turnstiles and speedgates are access control devices designed to regulate the flow of people through a specific entrance. They consist of rotating arms or retractable barriers that allow one person to pass at a time. They are equipped with various authentication methods, such as proximity cards, biometric scanners, or PIN codes, which are required to gain entry. To maximize lobby security, implementing effective access control that supports a smooth flow of traffic is essential. There are several benefits of turnstiles and speedgates for businesses of all natures, each tackling challenges and offering solutions for all.

One of the primary benefits of turnstiles and speedgates is improved entrance control. By requiring individuals to authenticate themselves before entry, these security barriers ensure that only authorized personnel gain access to the building. This helps prevent unauthorized individuals from entering restricted areas, thus reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, or harm to occupants. Turnstiles equipped with tailgate-detection technology, such as Smarter Security turnstiles, mitigate the risk of trespassers. While security personnel could be distracted with other tasks or deceived by social engineering tactics, having an automated system that’s always alert is the shield organizations need to close the gap of opportunity.

Solving specific security requirements through automation is another reason we call these an asset to lobbies. In instances where company policy requires additional screening at random, turnstiles offer unbiased and efficient delegation of protocol. For businesses with high traffic, speedgates authenticate and move patrons much faster, reducing overall wait times. Creating a seamless passthrough for employees and visitors improves productivity and enhances visitor experience.

Additionally, these physical barriers effectively control and restrict the flow of people, allowing security personnel to closely monitor who enters and exits the facility. In the event of a security breach, the controlled entry system empowers security to respond quickly and efficiently. Threats are discouraged as seeing the visual barrier sends a message that security will engage.

When it comes to building security, maximizing lobby security makes all the difference. Turnstiles and speedgates offer an effective solution for controlling access and enhancing security. By deploying these systems, organizations can ensure a safe and secure environment for employees, visitors, and critical assets. Assess your security needs, choose the turnstile fit for you, and ensure peace of mind for all occupants.