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Cody St. John, Regional Sales Manager

Smarter Security is eagerly awaiting the GSX experience next week. The Global Security Exchange, or better known as GSX, brings together industry professionals for a gathering of networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing for the rapid acceleration that takes place in the world of security. With this year’s event taking place in Dallas, we chatted with our Texas-based South Central Regional Sales Manager, Cody St. John, to hear his perspective on all that attendees can look forward to.

1. What can attendees look forward to at the Smarter Security booth?

CODY “To see first-hand (why) Smarter Security remains at the forefront of anti-tailgating technology, innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction!”

In true ‘everything’s bigger in Texas’ spirit, Smarter Security is proud to deliver the ultimate experience for attendees with an array of Fastlane turnstiles and speedgates. From the Glassgate 150 with a custom black finish for those curious about customizations, to the impressive Glassgate 155 boasting an extended 43″ width. There’s something for everyone, and our booth showcases a range of special-feature models with experts ready to guide.

2. How do integrations change or enhance turnstiles?

CODY “Interoperability between 3rd party security systems is integral to the success or failure of 21st century security programs. Ensuring that front line security systems are communicating correctly via expertly curated security integrations, maximizes the end user’s security posture and enhances the overall effectiveness of the turnstile solution.”

That’s right – Through seamless integrations, you can elevate the effectiveness of security within your vicinity. A standout example, which will be featured among our GSX showcase, is the Alcatraz AI Rock seamlessly integrated into our exceptional Glassgate 300. With The Rock, your face becomes your credential, eliminating trespass via pass-backs as only the exact credential-holder can gain access. Coupled with our advanced tailgate-detection technology, ensure no followers can sneak behind. This creates a sure-proof system that diminishes unauthorized access.

3. We speak a lot about the Door Detective. What’s all the hype about?

CODY “That is correct and rightly so! The Door Detective’s small form factor packs a HUGE security punch both in anti-tailgating capabilities and return on investment. When the stakes are high and space is limited, some of the most recognizable brands in the world chose the Door Detective! Pro Tip: Ask a Smarter Security representative about the **New** Door Detective SG. You’ll be glad you did!”

Ah, Smarter Security’s exclusive Sidegate Detection® technology, identifying side-by-side tailgate offenses. Another superb product that will be available for demo. We’ve also got a deal on Door Detectives for GSX attendees only. Be certain to have one of our reps scan your badge to get in on it!

4. Lastly, what are you most excited for at GSX??

CODY “I am most excited about the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, biometric credentialing, and risk-adaptive security frameworks. The best part? You can demo all three emerging technologies at the Smarter Security booth next week!”

Witness and discover all that makes Smarter Security…smarter, at Booth #1533. Cody has also opened up his calendar for personalized product walkthroughs at GSX. Sign up to guarantee your spot!