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Beyond keeping tenants honest, turnstiles yield a significant return on investment (ROI) for the organizations they serve. By understanding operational needs and sculpting entrance control to meet these standards, businesses unlock a range of advantages. Securing your facility does more than provide a sense of comfort, it saves and earns money back. Turnstiles are a smart resource that return big on investment. 

From small businesses to large corporations, operational efficiency is essential in minimizing waste, reducing resource consumption, and optimizing productivity. By automating tasks and utilizing technology, businesses can accomplish more with fewer resources and manpower. For facilities such as hospitals, data centers, and government buildings, efficient crowd management is crucial to ensuring smooth operations and flow of traffic. Entrances set the tone for patron experience, with long lines and delays deterring people from proceeding with business.

Streamline the passage much faster with physical gates that hold the power to decide quickly and accurately. Turnstiles eliminate the need for manual checking points, reducing wait times and improving crowd management. Awaiting human clearance to pass can result in delays and errors from social engineering tactics. As turnstiles reduce the need for manual check-ins, businesses are able to consolidate employees and allocate human resources more efficiently. Costs are saved from labor expenses that would otherwise add up in hourly wages.

With proven accuracy that turnstiles provide for entrance control, this solves a top priority for organizations; elimination of system abuse. Equipped with tailgate defense and regulation of desired protocols, you’re able to defend against action that would otherwise result in cost avoidance or loss. Businesses are able to increase profit through correct credential sale, thus furthering the return on investment through earnings. 

At its core, turnstiles maintain safety and security for people, assets, and facilities alike. They significantly decrease the likelihood of disturbance or potential damage, saving businesses from spending on incident resolution. Depending on the needs of the establishment, turnstiles can be integrated with smart technology to expand its access control capabilities; from touchless sensors, biometric credentialing, role-based authentication and more. These systems act as a barrier against unauthorized access, thus safeguarding critical data, mitigating hefty legal fees in damages, and protecting the company’s reputation. By bolstering security posture, bad actors are discouraged from attempting breach and safety is maintained for all.

What does real-world application of these principles look like? As we saw in our University of St. Thomas case study, Fast-track Dining: Touchless Turnstiles for Expedited Access, the campus targeted unique challenges and transformed them into a profit-earning solution. Seeing that theft from meal plan abuse and excessively long lines were on the rise, the school sought a solution that was easy to maintain and thorough. Implementing Smarter Security Fastlane turnstiles and identify-specific credentialing into the dining halls reduced wait times, increased profits through correct meal plan sale, and enhanced security and student satisfaction for the college. Executive Director of Dining Services, Steve Griffin, applauds the success stating, “the technology felt high-tech and had a wow factor that impressed students and staff alike.” The school saw a 70% decrease in queuing and a 50% reduction in meal theft. As our turnstile expert and Midwest Region Sales Manager Amber Beckwith shares, “Smarter Security turnstiles for higher education dining halls is a no brainer! The return on investment is phenomenal and often as quick as 1 year.”

University of St. Thomas students using fast touchless credentialing to pass through the Glassgate 150.

While turnstiles are often associated with securing traffic, their impact extends far beyond that. By investing in turnstiles, businesses can reap numerous benefits, including improved crowd management, enhanced security, labor optimization, reduction of theft and loss, and increased customer satisfaction. As a result, turnstiles prove to be a valuable asset for any establishment, contributing to a higher return on investment and positioning the organization for long-term success.

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