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For many, taking an elevator to get to their office or home is as much a part of their daily routine as waking up and pouring a cup of coffee. High-rise buildings have continued to grow in popularity, especially in metropolitan areas, where it makes economic sense to build up rather than out thereby increasing the amount of rentable floor space per unit area of land. 

Elevators are an essential component of high-rise transportation. But with an increase in users accessing these buildings as well as constructing buildings with more floors, addressing the occupant flow in these high-rise buildings is a security concern on multiple levels: from the ease of occupant access to life safety considerations, and beyond. 

To mitigate challenges, destination dispatch technologies have become more prominent in building security solutions. At its most basic functionality, destination dispatch optimizes multiple elevators and groups passengers by destination rather than by on-demand requests. 

So, does your facility need destination dispatch? Here are a couple of use cases that destination dispatch addresses to truly enhance the user experience and strengthen a building’s security posture. 

Improved Passenger Efficiency
Since the core purpose of the destination is to transport riders more efficiently, this directly translates to a superior user experience. Some of the industry’s premier destination dispatch providers like Schindler’s PORT Technology have reported a 50% improvement in reducing wait times and handling overall capacity. 

Boost Control in Emergency Situations
We’ve all seen the posted sign that instructs building occupants to not use an elevator in the event of a fire or other emergency. But how do your tenants know what to do when the building is undergoing an actual emergency? Destination dispatch solutions allow for static instruction to become dynamic and real-time; providing visual information along with evacuation instructions for those who approach the elevator bank.

Integration with Existing Entrance Control Systems
Rather than being a separate technology that requires attention independent of other security solutions, destination dispatch systems integrate directly into existing third-party security products, like Fastlane® optical turnstiles, creating a seamless experience for both the user and security personnel. Many configurations are possible including inter-floor matrix dispatch systems; creating “segments” within the building and allowing a tenant to travel between segments of a building that they have been given access to. These segments can serve to further separate passengers who should not be in the same elevator; such as competitive companies located in the same building. Many elevator manufacturers offer elevator dispatch information displays that can be mounted below a window directly into the turnstile’s pedestal. Smarter Security provides customized solutions for seamless integration of the leading elevator manufacturers displays.

A Smarter Way to Move Building Occupants
Destination dispatch solutions are becoming the standard in modernization projects and new construction. Beyond increasing efficiency for transporting riders, destination dispatch boosts the security posture by further restricting ways that people can gain access to places within the building that they do not have permission to enter. This type of enhanced security innovation extends the reach of your turnstiles while still managing security processes in a “single pane of glass”. 

Smarter Security partners with all of the major elevator suppliers to assist in integrating lobby turnstiles with the elevator dispatch system. Make your building smarter and more secure than ever before. Download the Smarter Security product brochure to see the spectrum of turnstile products and security integrations that uniquely fit your entrance control security needs. Needs vary, but installing a dispatch display unit in the turnstile top is common. Not all Fastlane models are equally suited for elevator dispatch, so contact us to discuss your specific needs.