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Long gone are the days where entrance security measures consist of merely monitoring and controlling an individual’s entrance and exit to a facility. Security measures have had to grow in complexity and breadth to protect a business’ assets: from their data, to their physical equipment, to their employees and beyond. 

Physical security infrastructure is a significant investment, but a central component to an overarching security strategy. Companies often “check the box” of having an entrance control solution by installing turnstiles, but do you know how far your existing security protocols can extend within them? 

What is your existing turnstile capable of when it comes to integrations?
Modern turnstiles, such as Fastlane® optical turnstiles from Smarter Security, offer dozens of integrations and premium features that can strengthen your overall security posture without additional bulky hardware that results in a slow and frustrating end-user experience. 

Let’s explore some of the cutting-edge integrations and features that can bolster security in your facility.

Heightened Glass Barriers
Industries such as financial, pharmaceutical, technology, law enforcement, or government agencies often require an extra level of security. In these facilities, lobby turnstiles should initially be upgraded to provide barriers that can’t easily be climbed over or pushed through. Smarter Security’s Glassgate 200, 300 and 400 models offer up to 6’ (1800mm) tall barriers.  Additionally, they come with steel hinge posts that extend up the length of the glass to give the barriers extra rigidity. The glass barriers themselves are over ½” (12mm) thick, tempered and laminated for extra strength, similar to a car windshield. What is the impact of the steel posts and ½” glass? In practical terms, if a 250-pound attacker were to run headlong at these barriers, they would simply bounce off with no damage to the barrier, other than probable injuries to themselves. 

Multi-Factor Authentication Systems
At its most basic form, authentication is the proper identification of an individual attempting to gain access to a facility. The ubiquitous proximity card is just one type of identity credential that many organizations use, and one that can easily be electronically cloned from a distance of several feet. This permits an unauthorized user to use a false card and pretend to be someone else to bypass security. To counteract problems like this, secure facilities often use two or three “factor” identity systems. The three factors are: 

  1. Something they have; such as a card or token
  2. Something they know; such as a PIN number or password
  3. Something they are; such as a biometric trait like a fingerprint or iris scan 

Smarter Security has successfully integrated numerous types of three-factor authentication solutions on all turnstile models. Multiple types of credential systems including advanced encrypted smart cards, combined with PIN codes that must be entered, and then finalized with an advanced biometric such as an iris scan, 3-D facial recognition, or contactless fingerprint. When properly executed and managed, systems like these are extremely difficult to bypass and have minimal impact on user throughput speed.

Weapons Detection Systems
Facilities are now able to integrate weapons detection systems with turnstiles to ensure even authorized persons cannot bring weapons into a facility. Multiple models of metal detectors, such as those used in airports, can now be integrated with turnstiles to generate alarms and lockdown the lane if metal is detected. This is now being taken to the next level in Fastlane optical turnstiles with the integration of advanced weapons detection systems marketed by PatriotOne Technologies. These technologies can be integrated with Fastlane turnstiles to allow for advanced security procedures such as detecting and locking out persons carrying weapons in the open, or weapons concealed in clothing or bags.    

Experience The Turnstiles of Tomorrow, Today
Make an investment that lasts. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing turnstiles or make investments in security integrations to bolster your security posture, Fastlane optical turnstiles from Smarter Security are consistently ranked higher in safety, security and design. Download the Smarter Security product brochure to see a spectrum of turnstile products and security integrations that uniquely fit your entrance control security needs.