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When you think of security products, surveillance cameras are one of the most common solutions incorporated into building access points, especially lobbies. The introduction of security cameras began in the 1960s for government use and expanded into private sectors like retail and banks in the 1970s. 

Fast forward 50 years, security cameras have become one of the most multi-faceted security integrations on the market today. Their purpose has extended from merely recording the activities of people within a location to the inclusion of video analytics that allows security cameras to monitor and detect irregular traffic patterns, identify potential threats with the integration of other security systems and proactively alert security operators to suspicious activity in a secured area. 

With smarter technology comes the opportunity to strengthen your security protocol by integrating cameras with optical turnstiles and entrance control solutions. Let’s take a look at several use cases where the integration of camera and intelligent entrance control practices resulted in a more comprehensive security strategy. 

Optimize Entry without Sacrificing Security
Biometric authentication systems are a key component in most security protocols. Iris scanners have continued to rise in popularity for both their ease of use and their ability to detect users from a distance while in motion. Iris scanning easily incorporates with intelligent turnstiles for convenient biometric authentication enabling rapid throughput, while maintaining an incredible rate of accuracy. Similar to other authentication methods like fingerprints or access cards, iris scanning has proven to deliver a seamless access experience that also translates to an operationally secure process. The use of security cameras for this access method ensures credentials cannot be shared with other building occupants, or worse, intruders or other security threats.

Access Real-Time Visibility Along with Robust Surveillance Data
With traditional authentication methods, if a user tries to gain access to an unauthorized area, you’d only be able to track denied entry attempts, but not who attempted the access. By integrating video surveillance with entrance control systems, security teams can match a visual of the person who was denied access together with the credentials they presented. They can also see in real-time a tailgating incident or directional violation. Beyond monitoring for potential threats, video management allows for captured footage to be consolidated into a powerful database that can be leveraged to detect the presence of users across the building or notice an individual’s location trends over time. 

Support Complex Security Alerts and Insights
Alerts help prioritize security personnel time and attention. Integrating network video solutions like an AXIS megapixel camera with Fastlane® turnstile and Door Detectives® allow alerts to become more dynamic by leveraging a database of video footage. Beyond allowing or denying access, security alerts can be paired with a visual reference when doors are left open or forced. The database of video footage also allows for a referenceable analytics tool that can be searched for specific parameters, for example: who arrived late, when specific doors were used and who entered.

Make Every Entrance Smarter
Entrance control solutions, like Fastlane optical turnstiles, feature some of the most dynamic integrations in the industry, like AXIS network cameras or iris authentication technology. These enhanced security monitoring innovations extend the reach of your turnstiles and further transform them into a layered security approach allowing security teams to quickly detect, deter and detain violations to your access protocol.

With powerful industry integrations, you can make your building smarter and more secure than ever before. Download the Smarter Security product brochure to see the spectrum of turnstile products and security integrations that uniquely fit your entrance control security needs.