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Protecting assets when it comes to a Distribution or Fulfillment center is no easy task. On any given day, a busy warehouse can contain many millions of dollars of merchandise spanning hundreds of thousands of square feet of space. With round-the-clock operations, high turnover rates, and seasonal and temporary workers, a well-thought-out layered physical security plan is essential in preventing losses from theft, property damage or violence.

Mitigate Risks

To effectively reduce security risks, use the questions below to assess your facilities’ security strategy.

  1. Does my plan deter unauthorized entry into the facility?
  2. Does my plan effectively prevent someone from taking merchandise off the premises?
  3. Are we able to prevent weapons from being brought into the building?
  4. Does my plan create a safe environment for employees?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Losses in cargo and warehouse related theft are estimated to be a $15 to $30 billion-dollar problem each year in the United States, with some logistics firms reporting losses in the millions.

The reality is most warehouse security strategies have consisted of separate alarms systems, video cameras, and guards. The problem with these is alarm systems can only detect break-ins, not internal theft. Video cameras lose their intimidation factor with employees, and uniformed guards are often not adequately trained to recognize the costliest forms of inventory loss.

Security Solutions that Work

The good news is technologies have improved. With new security advancements that can not only detect and prevent thefts, but when combined they can:

  • eliminate unauthorized entry through credential verification and tailgate detection.
  • identify and detect weapons that can lock down entry lanes to prevent access.
  • reduce energy costs by integrating population data with HVAC systems.
  • reduce contact points with touchless entry and biometric screening.

To illustrate, here are a few smarter ways Smarter Security products and solutions can proactively strengthen your security plan and protect your people and property.

Securing Entry and Exit Points

The first step to reducing theft is stopping unauthorized access. For this, turnstiles are an essential security product. Optical speedgates such as Fastlane turnstiles from Smarter Security can be equipped with full-height barriers and locking brakes. The turnstile pedestals are designed to accommodate a host of 3rd party readers to allow credentialing through proximity cards, smartphones, or biometric scanners. By covering all entry and exit points, you can help deter most intruders immediately.

Screening and Tracking Movement

Fastlane turnstiles are unique in that with the SmarterLobby software upgrade, they can also be used to conduct random screenings. This preempts potentially costly claims of profiling or bias. Connected to an access control system such as ReconaSense, turnstiles can collect population data for monitoring the movement of people on and off the floor and for how long, leaving a digital footprint for each employee. This information can be of great use when determining where someone was during a specific time or incident.

Weapons Detection

Facilities can now integrate third party weapons detection systems with Fastlane optical turnstiles to ensure that even authorized persons cannot bring weapons into a facility. With the integration of advanced weapons detection systems from Patriot One Technologies, one can allow for advanced security procedures such as detecting and locking out people openly carrying weapons or weapons concealed in clothing or bags.

Keeping valuable assets secure from theft or violent crime inside a distribution center is a challenge. But with the right proactive security solutions and products in place, you can make your space more secure, reduce costs, and protect your employees and property.