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A World of Intelligence
SmarterLobby is the industry’s first ‘lobby operating system’. That’s right. Amazingly easy to implement and use, it is analogous to the iOS that runs your iPhones and other Apple devices. Some brands of flip phones were pretty good, but only for voice communication. Then came the iPhone that introduced a world of data and new benefits. SmarterLobby opens up a world of intelligence that uses your pre-defined data to refine who should, or who should not be allowed into your facility.

Empower your Turnstiles
SmarterLobby can integrate with virtually any sensor system or data source, empowering Fastlane turnstiles to do much more than simply permit a cardholder to enter. For example, you may want to immediately lock down all lanes when a weapon-detection system detects a gun. Or maybe you want to deny access to someone not wearing a mask or someone running a fever. These are just a couple of the possible applications where data and context drive much more value from your turnstile investments, whether from new Fastlane installations or for retrofitting existing Fastlanes.

At Smarter Security, we see the future of building security. We are the only turnstile provider to invest in this massive leap in technology. Don’t put yourself in the position of having to justify buying “flip phones”. If you and your management team share this future vision and are ready for smart turnstiles and lobbies, you’re ready for a future with Fastlane and SmarterLobby.