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Today, every item has transformed into a “smart” thing. Smartphones, smart houses, and even smart cars.

But securing buildings in the modern world requires more than just a “smart building”; it requires proactive and dynamic intelligence.

As seasoned security professionals know, it is no longer sufficient to just “secure” things by setting them under lock and key. Security encompasses the protection of assets, both personnel and physical, and the deterrent to those who seek to harm those assets for their own personal gain. Intelligent buildings are beyond the typical “smart home” where automation and technology have been used for convenience and cost savings. Some of the world’s largest buildings have transformed into intelligent buildings to enhance entrance and access control protocols, strengthen the function of additional security features such as cameras and scanners to boost life safety.

In their upcoming April edition, Construction Tech Review Magazine recognized Smarter Security as one of ten innovative security providers who have demonstrated significant value and impact that enables their customers to create an intelligent building top 5 reasons security protocol. We’ve identified the that Smarter Security’s entrance and access control solutions stand out on this list.

  1. Create Efficient Checkpoints
    Multiple checkpoints within a building can cause concern that you have an inefficient process for ensuring proper access to a facility. With a combination of robust Fastlane® turnstile hardware and award-winning access control software, even the most rigorous security protocols allow those who are properly authorized to access any part of a facility.
  1. Eliminate the “Rip and Replace” of Access Control Systems
    Chances are, you’ve made a significant investment into the physical access control system (PACS) your organization currently has. Smarter Security’s ReconaSense allows organizations to truly evolve to a modern access control solution in many cases without having to start over with a system “rip and replace.”
  1. Unify Disparate Security Systems Under a Single Platform
    Suppose you didn’t have the luxury of a new build and installing all security systems at one time. In that case, Smarter Security’s ReconaSense platform allows organizations to integrate all disparate systems and sensors across a facility into one unified platform. Besides a single pane of glass approach, the benefit is the unique ability to monitor a building for abnormal behavior, evaluate it, and make real-time decisions.
  1. Tried and True Installations
    The fundamental component in every entrance control strategy also happens to be one of Smarter Security’s core competencies. The intelligence and unmatched design and function in Fastlane turnstiles ensures the automation of tailgate detection, minimizes false alarms, and holistically enforces building policies. The lifespan of the turnstile is incredibly long-term and reliable, with some installations surviving floods and hurricanes.
  1. Secure All Entries
    All entries weren’t created the same, but they all require equal protection. For entryways that require easier access to multiple entries, Smarter Security offers the industry’s only side-by-side collusion detection technology, eliminating the need for an alternative gate. Additionally, for the building’s interior doorways, Smarter Security’s Door Detective product removes the opportunity for criminals to exploit societal pressures, like holding the door open, for a potentially unauthorized occupant.

Entrance and Access Control that Gets Smarter Over Time
Like another set of eyes and ears to ensure safety on your property, Smarter Security’s suite of solutions ensure that your facility is protected from the first step in the door. From turnstiles to modern access control, contact us for a comprehensive demo to see how we can help make your security smarter.