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Your doors aren’t secure as you think- how often have you found an unlocked, propped open, or held door? In today’s climate, as unfortunate as it sounds, you can’t trust the security of assets, private information, or occupant safety to anyone. It isn’t for a lack of trust or good people, but out of precaution for growing hazards and those that don’t have the best interest of the facility or occupants.

Door Detective is a doorway-mounted detection and direction control system that is ideal for any access-controlled area where an intruder could cause damage or theft. Our Door Detectives remove social expectations from the equation by detecting tailgating, directional violation, and intruders by preventing someone from taking advantage of a closing door.


Grocery Stores: A grocer in Connecticut with a high-end meat market installed Door Detective to alarm when occupants left with a product through the entrance. This prevented theft and generated a fast ROI for the company.

Clean Rooms & Labs: Clean rooms are required to stay sterile and closed off to the general public to preserve the research and samples within. Door Detectives can operate as needed for singular direction and non-bi-directional traffic to prevent clean rooms from becoming dirty. Door Detectives not only can protect medications and sensitive research, but they can help keep your facility up to regulations and codes you are asked to adhere to.

Gyms:  Clients have successfully utilized Door Detective in fitness centers to monitor general entrants and prevent people from wandering off the street or tailgating. They also enforce that each patron who opens the door enters versus multiple entries to prevent shared memberships with various friends or family.

Server Rooms: Server rooms store invaluable data. The risk of a breach or a company going dark is too high not to protect. Pairing access control with Door Detectives can allow doors to stay locked unless the correct badge or biometrics are scanned. Once the door is unlocked, Door Detectives can count the number of people who enter and exit while detecting other violations such as tailgating.

Distribution Centers: Often overlooked, distribution centers frequently store high-cost materials and products vulnerable to vandalism or theft. Frequent employee turnover paired with more extensive facilities and a high rate of missing stolen goods makes it a perfect target for the loss of profit but an excellent placement for Door Detective.

Corporate Offices: Corporate offices store high-level information that needs to be secure to protect the company, its employees, and its clients. Put your faith in more than cameras and keycodes by protecting and monitoring the flow of traffic in offices that store valuable information. Areas that store employee files, executive offices with high-level information, and departments such as accounting all benefit from installed Door Detectives.


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