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Why Would Someone Jump a Turnstile?

When searching ‘turnstile,’ one of the top image results is an image of two people jumping over a turnstile in a New York subway- featured in an article about cities more strictly enforcing violations- with a mere $100 fine. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely considered leaping over a turnstile, or you work in the security industry in some capacity.

In the past, jumping turnstiles was a way for someone short on change to get through a subway terminal without payment. Now, the potential risk or threat has elevated to someone with malicious intent to enter an area they aren’t authorized to cause damage, theft, or bodily harm.

The Problem

Unauthorized individuals who wish to gain access to a facility probably know the facility has turnstiles with low-profile barriers. They would be prepared to jump or have learned how to social engineer their way into an area or facility without granted access. To quote Aliza Chasan’s articleturnstiles have garnered an “any and everything goes” reputation in terms of following protocol and safety standards- with the hardware being nothing more than a hurdle at a track meet, a stationary, clunky, metal barrier. But does that have to be the status quo? If you have outdated or inadequate security protections from today’s threats with your current turnstiles, a rip and replace is simple with our team of technical experts and preferred integrators.

The Difference with Fastlane

Did you know upgrading your turnstiles could save you money in the long run? New turnstile lanes don’t require constant attention, reducing the need for multiple guards sitting in wait, and with Fastlane turnstiles 60 people per minute throughput, your queue will remain fluid and manageable with less oversite. Don’t just take our word for it; read how a Class A high-rise in downtown Chicago gained a 262% return on its investment in just five years.

Fastlane turnstiles hold the industry standard in advanced technology, from intelligent tailgating to “sidegating” collusion detection for our broader lane turnstile offerings. Additionally, our optional pressure sensor tops can also be purchased to further develop, secure, monitor, and protect your people and assets.

Pressure sensor tops were explicitly designed for Fastlane turnstiles to detect attempts to climb or jump over the pedestals. The decorative top incorporates seamlessly to retain their sleek design. The array of sensors underneath detects pressure while ignoring vibrations and other input from regular day-to-day use and without being noticed by entrants until a violation is made. When the sensors detect the body weight or hands of someone attempting to climb or jump the unit, a light turns red, an audible alarm is triggered, and a notification can be sent to the nearest security personnel through integrated access control. See an example of the product here.

Future-Proof Your Lobby

With Smarter Security, we enable you to focus on constructing standards for the future. Shift your security, building management, and overall aesthetic with intelligent entrance control that is highly customizable and flawlessly integrated with access control systems, biometrics, and other 3rd party readers.

Questions about our technical capabilities, customizations, or if we’re a right fit for your space? Contact us and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.