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During these challenging times, businesses face an array of new hurdles when it comes to protecting staff and visitors. Before the Covid-19 lockdown, our workplaces were centered around collaboration and open spaces. Now, social distancing and reducing interactions are the two vital components that business owners must assess to thrive. Therefore, institutions must re-evaluate their entrance control strategies to comply with the latest regulations and life safety best practices.

The Good News
Touchless entrance and access control technologies have been around for a while and have evolved to enhance a business’ overall entrance security. In fact, touchless solutions not only translate into better hygiene for everyone. Some touchless technology can even speed up throughput and improve safety and convenience for authorized users seeking access through a door or turnstile.

Fortunately your entry and access control investments may not need a complete fresh start. Whether you prefer discreet technologies or fully integrated multi-tech solutions, Fastlane® turnstiles integrate with many 3rd party products for touch free access. So, let’s review some of your options.

Bluetooth Readers
Bluetooth readers continue to evolve as a popular component in entrance control strategies. Smarter Security’s FastScan integrates Bluetooth proximity readers with QR readers as a compact, bracketed solution with a single Wiegand output. Users can be granted access by simply presenting their smartphones, eliminating the need to touch anything in the process.

Temperature Measurement & Facial Recognition Solutions
These analytics and camera systems are gaining popularity as technologies and speed improves. Cameras can discreetly be mounted onto Fastlane turnstile tops to facilitate facial recognition, even with a mask, and infrared thermal imaging for temperature measurement. ReconaSense is a next-gen access control system that can uniquely adapt permissions in real time based on a person’s body temperature, or community public health data.

Biometric Scanners
Solutions such as the iris and fingerprint scanners match biometric readings with a high degree of accuracy, delivering an efficient user experience without compromising security. Unlike other brands, Fastlane seamlessly embeds many readers into our pedestals as opposed to having a separate post or cabinet.

Destination Dispatch
Destination dispatch displays can assist life safety by eliminating the need to press elevator buttons. They can also help control the number of occupants within an elevator car by directing the flow of traffic from the embedded displays in many Fastlane turnstile models.

Getting back to normal
There’s a lot to be done to ensure your business is a safe place for your staff and visitors. Moving to touch-free entrance and access control hardware won’t solve all of your challenges, but these are important considerations as you’re evaluating best practices to support new regulations. So whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing turnstiles or make investments in integrations to bolster your security posture, Fastlane optical turnstiles and ReconaSense from Smarter Security can help.

Download the Smarter Security product brochure to see a spectrum of turnstile products and security integrations that can uniquely fit your entrance control security needs.