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The impact that technology has had on creating safer and more secure facilities is nothing short of significant. Security protocols that first began as surveillance cameras monitored by security personnel, evolved to incorporate access cards, and then ultimately what is now a seemingly endless array of self-service security technology integrations such as facial recognition software, biometric access readers, and destination dispatch technology to optimize traffic flows in high-occupancy buildings.

With the availability of so many technological integrations that can be configured in endless possibilities, building lobbies are more connected than ever before across every element of the facility security spectrum. However, the new trend is not merely having the technological capabilities that boosts a security posture but ensuring they are integrated into one central operating system for true efficiency and a holistic security overview that is available in real-time. Speedgates, like Fastlane® optical turnstiles, serves as an ideal “endpoint” to embed advanced physical security technology integrations.

Selecting important technology integrations is key to establishing a strong physical security foundation. Regardless if you’re upgrading the sophistication of entrance control technology or incorporating it into a new facility, these five elements belong in every connected lobby roadmap and can be easily integrated into a turnstile that complements your lobby aesthetics while implementing stringent security policies:

1. Biometric Access Control:

For high-security environments with high-traffic areas, access control points must be seamless for the user while allowing for no oversights in security policy. Biometric readers have become more commonplace in the lives of end-users, and now the integration into physical security protocols is becoming more common as well. Buildings can now rely on innovative biometric access control technology, such as the MorpoWave from Idemia which scans four fingers in 3D and matches the fingerprints with a high degree of accuracy.

2. Smart Card Readers:

Access cards have become a more traditional approach to entrance control security, however, the technology behind the cards themselves have become increasingly more advanced to meet the security needs of today’s facilities. Ranging from high-frequency, multi-technology smart cards or contactless technology, the evolution of access cards has continued to allow facilities to reduce the impact on their security resources while also being able to act swiftly to maintain their security policies. Technologies from companies such as HID and Essex Electronics can be integrated into turnstiles for fast, secure and seamless authorized access control.

3. Barcode and Proximity Technology:

Visitor management and streamlining occupant flow are essential to both the security policy and user experience within a building. Barcode and proximity reader technology can be incorporated into a turnstile to present a seamless entry process. While barcode and proximity technologies are not new, the integration into visitor management system software and other technology component, are allowing facilities across the globe to become more connected in the way they grant access to visitors. FastScan™ from Smarter Security is a factory-installed barcode and proximity solution that allows for this core integration.

4. Destination Dispatch:

A combined security measure with a focus on occupant efficiency, destination dispatch integrations (more commonly referred to as elevator dispatch) optimize the flow of traffic within a multi-elevator building. Passengers are grouped according to their approved destination resulting in reduced travel and wait time plus an increased efficiency for the entire elevator system. Many of today’s most advanced office buildings are leveraging this combination with turnstiles to further speed access to offices and increase security.

5. Smarter Speedgates and Turnstiles for Smarter Entrance Control

Your path to a connected lobby with real intelligence can become a reality with Smarter Security. Fastlane optical turnstiles are an essential component to a physical security strategy blending functionality with design. The turnstiles are equipped with advanced infrared and computing technologies that accurately pinpoint the size, shape, and speed of individual entities — detecting tailgaters less than 1/4” apart.

As you prepare to upgrade your lobby, make it smarter and more secure with the technologies available to you today. Download the Smarter Security product brochure to see the spectrum of turnstile products and security integrations that uniquely fit your entrance control security needs.

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Shana McCoy