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When considering your current entrance control challenges, it’s important to partner with a vendor that can help you pinpoint your specific security and throughput requirements. And, one that can give you a range of workable options ensuring you achieve the best ROI. While the Smarter Security team prides itself on high-quality Fastlane optical turnstiles, we provide unrivaled service and attention to detail. One of our employees consistently models this helpful, service-minded approach in all of his efforts and that’s why we are featuring Steven Naltsas.

Steven is Smarter Security’s Regional Sales Manager for the West Coast. If you haven’t worked with him personally, you may have caught him on LinkedIn sharing our great implementations of Fastlane turnstiles and Door Detectives in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Here are 5 things to know about Steven Naltsas

How long have you been with Smarter Security?
I joined in June of 2016 after working nearly a decade as an integrator with Smarter Security on many successful projects.

What does a day in the life of Steven look like?

My average day begins at 5:15am – as they say, “the early bird gets the worm!” I live by that concept. Every day I get to help integrators, end users and consultants learn about the advantages and differences in entrance control systems through live presentations or over the phone. I get to be the “go-to-guy” who is called upon to unite our integrators, end users, consultants and architects to deliver the best entrance control system to meet everyone’s requirements.

What is the biggest customer challenge you’ve seen and how did you help them?

I am lucky to be able to say the biggest challenges I have are exciting “opportunities” rather than challenges. This is due to my team. I am confident going into any challenge knowing we will identify and deliver a stellar solution.

One situation in particular that stands out involved a long-time Smarter Security client. Due to an increase in security measures, this customer wanted to replace some of our existing turnstiles that had been installed and operating for nearly a decade with no issues. The original contacts and integrator were no longer working there. However, we were able to draw from my experience, our technician’s knowledge of the site, and our manufacturing partners. Our collaboration enabled us to custom build a beautiful product. We met the security requirements while allowing the customer to leverage their existing infrastructure. This delivered a significant time and cost savings over having to build a new infrastructure. They were happy to avoid the added work required for obtaining permits as well as the extra project management.

What is your favorite project (or most memorable) so far and why?

Every project I work on has relevance for me due to the importance of everyone’s safety. Some of my most memorable projects are the ones where I get to simultaneously work alongside the designers and architects. The projects provide me the opportunity to see the intersection of innovative security technology and high-end design aesthetics. Customizing our extremely accurate entrance control products to meet the evolving style and design needs of the most beautiful facilities is exciting and rewarding.

What’s one piece of advice about turnstiles and entrance control?  

My best advice is…There really is a difference in turnstiles and attention to detail is what sets us apart. Turnstiles play a major role in the first impression of a company. The atmosphere and quality design of the lobby establishes that first impression for tenants, visitors, investors and the public. So, pay attention to the details – and remember that quality is of the utmost importance in security. I am proud to be part of Smarter Security representing a product that helps improve both safety and security.