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From the outside, the benefits of turnstiles seem quite clear. Allow individuals who should have access in, and keep those who should not have access out. While turnstiles have become more sophisticated with premium technology integrations that support more robust security policies, their security extends far beyond protecting the physical assets inside a facility. 

In today’s modern world, data is a company’s most valuable asset. In fact, prominent research group Gartner predicts that by 2022, companies will be valued on their information portfolios rather than by tangible assets alone. All of this indicates that protecting this valuable corporate asset is just as important to a business as protecting the physical assets that physical security protocols are designed to do. 

The Vulnerability of Data
One of the most significant data breaches that occurred within the last 10 years which has continued to have a lasting impact on security professionals is Sony. As Sony has continued to rebuild from the incident that took place in 2014 which disabled its corporate network, the hacking group indicated that they were able to successfully access Sony’s network due to being given access by other employees “on the inside”. 

To make matters worse, the hackers indicated they had been watching Sony and noted their lack of physical security presence, making them a prime target for a data attack. 

So what does this mean for IT security managers beyond perpetuating a constant state of paranoia? The need to remain vigilant is a responsibility of everyone, but entrance control solutions provide an added layer of protection against those who wish to create disruption at both the data and physical level of an organization. 

Defense 1: Prevention
It’s been said that the key to a great offense is a great defense. Entrance control systems such as Fastlane® optical turnstiles and Door Detective are a great first line of defense in preventing unauthorized people from entering the facility beyond the lobby or even within restricted access areas within the building. With extensive integration capabilities, Fastlane turnstiles work together with access control systems to enforce building entry procedures and ensure that every person is identified and validated. With high volume buildings, security teams no longer have to worry about compromising security for a quality end user experience, as Fastlane turnstiles are capable of processing up to one person per second. 

Defense 2: Detection
There is yet to be a physical security solution that has yet to be foolproofed. However, should an individual find a way to elude the security protocol or be found unauthorized to access the building or area within a building, detecting the person in a timely manner is key to a robust security protocol. Smarter Security’s Door Detective is an additional layer of security to further restrict access and provide population counting to help identify personnel who have passed into an area. Using multiple infrared beams from equipment mounted near the door frames, Door Detective can accurately monitor movement in both directions each time a person presents their credentials to pass through a doorway. Alarms sound to identify access control violations to alert staff where their attention may be required.

The security of an organization’s database and private client data, as well as equipment and the well-being of employees, depends on thorough planning and upkeep of a proactive security protocol. With Smarter Security, you have the most innovative elements to ensure your tangible and intangible assets are protected from a potential breach. 

Defending Your Facility One Door at a Time
Download our white paper to discover how smart entrance control can allow your facility to achieve the most ideal security strategy to protect your assets, mitigate threats and account for vulnerabilities.