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Here at Smarter Security, we don’t believe high-quality products are the only thing that makes our clients happy. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service for each project at every stage. One particular service we take great pride in providing is our technical drawings delivered within each quote request and updated along the way to purchase. Each drawing is customized and made to fit each specific lobby or entrance, giving our clients a visual guide to the end result.

The first steps in our technical drawing service begin with an order from our sales team. The sales team will then brief our customer support technician, Miles McRae, who will translate a customer’s vision into a technical drawing. Following this, Miles will review the request check the CAD provided by the customer and take measurements if necessary. Miles then drafts a proposal according to the clients’ requests and notes any compatibility issues or potential problems. For clients who wish for recommendations, a draft is drawn up that fits the Smarter Security standards and the available space for turnstile placement.

Following the review of the drawing request, Miles loads up Autodesk and creates the design, measurements, and annotations by hand. The designs are then saved and submitted to the customer. Special CAD formats can be provided upon request. Drawings are sent to the customer for approval, and if any changes are required or requested, they are sent back to him for revisions. Smarter Security continues this process until both the customer and Smarter Security are satisfied with the results. In those terms, we need to ensure that our security solutions can be implemented on-site or in the intended environments. As soon as the customer approves and a purchase order is raised, the production team is notified.

A unique model is created for every customer based on their goals and needs. This is an extensive and unique detailing process to visualize what the customer is looking for that sets Smarter Security a step above the rest. Among many competitors, the customer receives nothing more than a square box that represents the turnstile in technical drawings and renderings. Smarter Security is proud to have the most highly respected and talented team members, like Miles, in the industry. Subscribe to our blog to learn more about our diverse team of experts and stay up to date on the latest trends across entrance control and physical security.