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Whether your organization is based solely in the United States or you’re a North American enterprise, the Smarter Security team is here to support you. This week, get to know Colin Wright, Sales Manager based in Ottawa, Canada who manages the channel and implementation work across six different time zones.

As a part of the Smarter Security team since 2013, Colin works to bridge the gap between United States security requirements and Canadian user experience expectations while also understanding that they don’t have to sacrifice design for security when it comes to their entrance control solutions. 

5 Things to Know About Colin Wright

  • What does a day in the life of Colin look like?

I spend most of the day working with our security integrators and potential end-user customers, either over the phone or online, consulting with them on the most appropriate model and layout of Fastlane® optical turnstiles would best meet their facility needs. Since physical security in Canada isn’t as prevalent as it is in the US, even some of our architects and engineers need help in this area because they don’t see turnstile requirements as often as they do for access control or camera systems.

 Then of course, there’s the travel. I’m on the road at least one week out of every month, and usually more. In November, for example, my wife just pointed out that I’m going to be away from home more days than I’m there.

  • What is the biggest challenge you’ve encountered?

Because turnstiles are not that common in Canadian office buildings, I often hear that people don’t want to feel like they are being herded into “cattle pens”. The biggest challenge I have is convincing people that they can have security turnstiles that can blend in with the look and feel of the lobby while avoiding the “cattle pen” look. Older turnstiles actually do look like something from a barnyard. People see those and think that is what they are stuck with. The good thing with Smarter Security, that’s not the case. 

 Our 21 models offer some of the most elegant designs in the industry. With our two newest models offering extra-wide 1200mm (47”) lanes with no impact on security levels or throughput volumes, the cattle pen image is now dead. Add the endless color and finish options available and these pedestals become virtual works of art in a lobby.

  • What has been the most memorable solution you’ve worked on and why?

The Greater Toronto Area YMCA needed to replace some of their very old revolver style turnstiles. These electro-mechanical units could not work for people in wheelchairs or children in strollers, were regularly breaking down, and didn’t have any of the modern safety sensors necessary for such high traffic, public organization. Couple this with the fact that the YMCA is a non-profit, with every dollar spoken for, and you have a serious challenge.

 I worked with the YMCA team over a period of four years, considering options and even trying to use one of our Door Detectives® at one point. But the high throughput volume, pinpoint accurate lane safety sensors, and long life expectancy of our highly popular Glassgate 150 won their selection in the end. The customer and their clients were happy with the choice, it solved their safety needs, and I feel good about helping to accomplish that.

  • If you had to give one piece of advice to an end user, architect or integrator, what would it be?

If you think turnstiles are just an expensive, ugly, inconvenience in lobby design, think again. Look at the options Smarter Security can bring to the table for your clients and you’ll see that there is a design aesthetic that can be matched with unparalleled security.

  • When you’re not helping our customers create robust entrance control solutions, what are your favorite things to do and places to go?

When we can get away for a few days, my wife and I love to go to the ocean, Atlantic or Pacific. But of course at this time of year, with the beautiful colors and crisp clear fall air, just a drive in the country is a great way to shut your mind down for a while. For those times when I can’t get away, I like to build things. I have a reasonably well-stocked workshop and am not too bad at carpentry and cabinet making. 

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