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Safety and security in educational campuses and facilities have never been more important and visible than they are today. Beyond the highly publicized and tragic school shooting incidents, the presence of entrance control and security solutions are critical to not only protecting students but giving them the peace of mind as they focus on their education.

But are students aware of the safety and security measures at their campus? According to the NCES Indicators of School Crime and Safety, the percentage of students who reported observing the use of one or more security cameras to monitor the campus increased between 2001 and 2017 (from 39% to 84%), as did the percentages of students who reported observing the use of locked entrance or exit doors during the day (from 49% to 79%) and who reported observing the presence of security guards or assigned police officers (from 64% to 71%).

What does this mean for entrance control security practices in educational facilities? It’s a clear indicator that students expect not just the bare minimum when it comes to the systems that ensure their safety and security, but the continuous review of new threats as well as the solutions that are available to better protect them. 

When reviewing the entrance control strategy for your educational facility, whether it is a classroom, dining hall or residence, incorporating these components into your safety and security protocol is likely to earn you an A+ with your CSO. 

Visitor Management Systems
A locked door remains one of the most effective ways to stop unauthorized visitors from entering campus buildings. However, locked doors also prevent teachers, parents, volunteers, students, vendors and other visitors with a legitimate purpose from entering a campus. A 2018 National Center for Education Statistics survey showed 94% of K-12 school campuses now keep doors locked.

Current security industry best practices call for a combination of video intercoms and visitor management systems at main entries as the most effective way to screen and identify visitors while also minimizing delays for the end-user.

Optical Turnstiles
Physical security, from the most basic elements to the most highly sophisticated solutions, is intended to do one thing: allow the right people access to the right areas at the right times while effectively stopping those who should not have access. Turnstiles such as Fastlane® optical turnstiles from Smarter Security are an essential component to a physical security strategy. Optical turnstiles allow educational facilities the ability to blend design elements together with high performing technical integrations like barcode and proximity reader technology or weapon detection which create a true nucleus of a strong security protocol.

When the need to validate an identity arises, biometrics are ideal for campuses as they cannot be “spoofed” or shared. They are also able to be integrated into secure trust platforms that protect privacy and deliver a much higher match and performance than ever before. This level of match and performance is critical when it comes to improving campus security while also enhancing user convenience.

Improving Campus Safety One Facility at a Time
Continue to provide your students with a safe environment to learn, live and dine. Read more about how Cleveland State University evolved their safety and security policy forward with Fastlane optical turnstiles from Smarter Security.