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If you’ve decided to enhance your lobby security with the world’s best turnstiles, Fastlane® optical speedgates, you’ve made a wise choice! Not only are they intelligent, highly aesthetic and fast, but they are also extremely reliable.

To help you receive the optimum performance and reliability, we offer a variety of programs to support your turnstile investment. For instance, to ensure your turnstiles are correctly installed, we offer “Site Certification” services. Site Certification ensures that the lanes have been installed properly, and the settings are optimized to the end user’s desires so that everything goes as smoothly as possible on Day One. As a bonus, this cost-effective service also adds an additional two years onto the warranty.

Fastlane Turnstile Site Certification
As your installation approaches completion, your security integrator will schedule a time for one of our expert technicians to visit your facility. Our technician will join your integrator to check the turnstile installation, conduct the certification, and provide both end-user and integrator training as needed

First, the technician will run a series of tests to ensure that the turnstiles were installed per manufacturer specifications. These tests include:

☑ Ensuring all lane status lights and sounders are functioning as desired.

☑ Verifying proper installation, wiring, and integration with access control and fire alarm systems.

☑ Configuring the turnstiles for entry controls (card in, free egress, etc.).

☑ Inspecting power supplies: location, wiring gauge, voltage at the turnstiles, and other factors.

☑ Ensuring that all barriers are aligned and adjusted correctly.

We make sure everything is functioning correctly and set up to meet customer requirements. Our technician is focused on perfectly tuning the turnstiles to meeting the customer’s security needs.

Lifetime of Support
Smarter Security always goes the extra mile, providing complimentary phone and email support even after your warranty expires. Our service technicians are certified to optimize your turnstile’s performance, extending the life of your products while minimizing downtime. Our Preventative Maintenance program is one of the best in the business. This service entails a Smarter Security technician coming to the site to maintain your lanes on a regular interval. This helps ensure that any minor issues that might arise get corrected before they can become more significant.

For more information about installations and frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ webpage.

Does your integrator need to schedule your site certification? Have them call 1.800.943.0043 today.