From sales to support,
we stand behind our product.

When you decide to invest in your security, you need a partner who will be there for you long after installation. We always go the extra mile—even after your warranty expires, unlike some of our competitors. Our customers agree: 98% rank our service as better than the competition.

  • Every purchase comes with a one-year warranty, which increases to 3 years total with site certification.
  • We offer integrators affordable site certification and preventative maintenance.
  • We provide lifetime remote support on every Fastlane product—and if an issue cannot be resolved remotely, we assist you on-site.
  • Services are performed by certified technicians who optimize turnstiles for performance, extending the life of the product and minimizing downtime.

Site Certification and Training

Our site certification and training include a test and review of all wiring and turnstile settings, plus functional testing and on-site training for both integrators and end users. This ensures proper installation and optimization of your new turnstiles—and it extends your warranty coverage by an additional two years.

  • Verifying proper installation, wiring, and integration with access control and fire alarm systems.
  • Setting up how you want to use the turnstile systems (card in, free egress, etc.).
  • Inspecting power supplies: location, wiring gauge, voltage at the turnstiles, and other factors.
  • Ensuring all lane status lights and sounders are functioning as desired.
  • Checking all barriers are aligned and adjusted properly.
  • Turnstile technical training for integrator and end users with recommendations for how to service, adjust, maintain, and troubleshoot Fastlane systems.
  • Turnstile operational training to help end user security managers better understand how Fastlane systems work and learn adjustments they can make to tailor the lanes to the environment. Includes guidance on usage with bags, strollers, etc.

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Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance program has one goal: extend the working life of your product. We’ll routinely visit customer facilities to inspect the turnstiles and perform maintenance that typically keeps them working for years to come.

Extend the longevity of your product with our preventative maintenance program, which includes:

  • Ensuring the Fastlane turnstiles are operating as intended using the access control equipment.
  • Checking for obvious signs of damage to the pedestal enclosure and power supply units.
  • Removing the pedestal side panels and cleaning any accumulation of dust and debris.
  • Inspecting the printed circuit boards, cable assemblies, and power supplies for loose connections.
  • Checking that the pedestal mounting hardware is secure, and tightening it if necessary.
  • Measuring and recording the supply voltage at the respective power supplies and CPU card.
  • Testing optical beams, lane status indicators, and CPU functionality.
  • Measuring belt tension or gear meshing on models with barriers and adjusting as required to tolerances within specification.
  • Adjusting motor controller to achieve proper alignment of barriers in all positions and optimal operating speed.
  • Replacing minor parts as needed, such as side panel screws, and submitting a list of major components that require replacement, if any.

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Benefit of IP-Connected Turnstiles

Fastlane Connect technology is embedded in most Fastlane turnstiles, enabling TCP/IP communication and control. What does that mean for you? A more streamlined operation, service, and support process for your Fastlane turnstiles, along with a lower cost of ownership and superior turnstile performance.

The Fastlane optical turnstiles can be connected to an end user network with a Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable. Authorized security staff and technicians can simply log in to a Fastlane webpage that’s unique to your install site to authorize entry or exit and adjust standard operating modes.

IP connectivity helps reduce the total cost of ownership. It includes:

  • Our web-based tool, which lets you operate lanes and save on acquisition costs.
  • A simple, intuitive interface that requires minimal training and reduces errors.
  • Ability for security staff to open a lane for special passage without being physically there.
  • Gathering lane usage data and insight without staff presence at the turnstiles.
  • Automatic updates to firmware in existing IP units once the proper authorization is granted.