Fastlane Turnstiles Installation Support

When you invest in Fastlane® turnstiles from Smarter Security, you’ve chosen a premium, high-performance entrance control solution. To fully optimize your investment, Smarter Security offers Site Certification and Training to ensure maximum product lifetime and uninterrupted performance.

Site Certification and Training

On Site Project Support

To extend our standard one-year parts warranty by an additional two years, we offer Site Certification and Training. This service ensures a technician is on-site to verify that the turnstiles are properly installed and that there are no issues with the equipment or configuration upon start-up. Additionally, the Smarter technician will train the integrator and clients' security managers on proper usage.

  • Verify wiring and integration with access control and fire alarm systems.
  • Setting up turnstile system preferences (card in, free egress, etc.).
  • Audit power supplies: location, wiring gauge, and voltage at turnstiles.
  • Inspect lane status lights and sounders.
  • Check and adjust barrier alignment.

Pre-site Certification Checklist

To ensure installation is ready for Site Certification, all projects are required to complete and submit Smarter Security’s Pre-Site Certification checklist. To complete online, please enter your site information, and click the Next button.

To download a copy of our Pre-site Certification checklist and submit later, click the Download button below.

* Document needs to be downloaded directly to the desktop and filled in to submit electronically.
Remember, all installations are required to submit a checklist before a technician can schedule departure.

Note: If circumstances are different upon arrival and excess time is required on-site, the customer will be billed for incremental expenses incurred in addition to a daily rate for each incremental day that results from inconsistencies.