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Smarter Security Unveils Groundbreaking Fastlane Interlock® Mantrap

AUSTIN, TX – April 4, 2024 – Introducing the Fastlane Interlock dual barrier “mantrap” – the cutting-edge turnstile solution for high-security areas. Designed to increase access control standards, the Fastlane Interlock sets a new benchmark in security technology with its robust features and construction.

“The insights from conversations around anti-tailgating led to the development of our industry’s first turnkey mantrap solution – Fastlane Interlock,” shared Smarter Security Vice President, Clayton Brown. Meticulously crafted for high-security environments, this advanced turnstile unit eliminates tailgating and unauthorized entry. The dual sets of barriers can be supplied in various heights, offer multiple authentication methods, and can operate independently yet remain interlocked, ensuring only one set opens at a time. With its unmatched security features, configurable flexibility, and sleek design, the Fastlane Interlock is the ultimate choice for elevating access control.

The new product announcement from Smarter Security adds to the impressive lineup of turnstiles and entrance control solutions offered by the company. With an assortment of models, finishes, and features to select from, Smarter Security empowers customization for clients to craft their perfect turnstile. The innovation in this new product highlights Smarter Security’s commitment to strengthening security and adds to the excellent array of choices offered. Discover how this innovative solution can enhance your security measures today.

About Smarter Security, Inc.
About Smarter Security, Inc. Smarter Security provides premium and innovative entrance control solutions to help organizations protect their people and assets in a world of ever-present threats. Since 1992, Smarter Security has offered Fastlane turnstiles, the most elegant and intelligent optical turnstiles available, which protect 50% of the Fortune 100, and thousands of commercial and government lobbies on six continents, including many of the world’s most iconic buildings.

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