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Winner of the Good Design Award, the Fastlane® Glassgate 300 turnstile offers striking t-shaped design with an ultra-sleek frame and glass sides. It offers a dual glass swing barrier that ranges from waist to full height for a range of security needs. The Glassgate 300 has advanced optical technology capable of handling up to 10 million decisions a second, making it one of the most intuitive turnstiles on the market. In this week’s product spotlight, we present the Glassgate 300 a turnstile designed for the times.

Intelligent Security
The Glassgate 300 turnstile automates lobby security by ensuring each person accessing the secure side of the building lobby presents a valid credential. It provides both visual and audible alarms to proactively signal an intrusion. Intelligent Fastlane optical technology observes tailgaters as close as ¼ inch and accurately distinguishes between people and objects to minimize nuisance alarms.

Seamless Security Integration
The Glassgate 300 seamlessly integrates with most access control, biometric identification technologies, CCTV and whole building management systems. It is suitable for many higher security applications, including border control, government facilities, airports, and financial institutions.

Tough and Tall Glass Barriers
Unlike many other full-height turnstiles, Glassgate 300 includes a tall shaft to support its glass panels. This safety feature mitigates any chance of the glass breaking when people apply significant force to the top half of the barriers. In addition to the toughened glass used for all barrier heights, the six-foot glass is 2mm thicker and laminated for further safety. Safety beams added in the center post helps ensure Fastlane’s swinging barriers avoid human contact, a feature most other brands do not offer.

The glass barriers on the Glassgate 300 are available in four different heights: standard 3.2′, 4′, 5′, and 6′. With an optional locking brake feature added, the Fastlane Glassgate 300 turnstile provides a definite deterrent for unauthorized users and ensures the barriers cannot be pushed open when in a “closed” mode.

Sleek Styling
Despite providing a physical and psychological deterrent, the Glassgate 300 maintains its sleek and streamlined styling, which is vital to satisfy the design needs of architects. The turnstile post and base panels come standard in a 304 stainless steel with a polished satin finish. Deep Black Quartz Corian inserts on the top help facilitate concealed or surface-mounted access control card readers.

To enhance the aesthetics, organizations can select from a wide array of custom metal color options and multiple different surface textures and finishes. Pedestal tops can also be modified to a slimmer profile as seen in the demonstration video above. Visit our design resource section on our website or download our customization brochure for a multitude of custom options.

Visualize Your Intelligent Entrance
Want to know how the Glassgate 300 could look in your lobby? Take a picture of your entry and send it to your Smarter Security representative to request a turnstile rendering.

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Shana McCoy