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Part of making a confident commitment to a physical entrance control strategy is taking a hands-on approach to reviewing your investment prior to purchase. For our customers and partners in the eastern part of the United States, this assessment has never been more simple.

In March of this year, Smarter Security opened a state-of-the-art showroom in New York City on Fifth Avenue in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Since then, end users, architects and engineers have been able to use the space as a dedicated site to showcase the newest Fastlane® optical turnstiles and Door Detective products. 

If you haven’t had the chance to tour the technology in person, here’s a preview of what’s currently on the showroom floor.

Fastlane Glassgate 150
As the most compact and popular model, the Glassgate 150 provides pinpoint accuracy and unsurpassed throughput speeds up to one person per second. The model on display in the showroom features a powder-coated white finish with a proximity card reader. For projects requiring minimal technology integrations but still desiring a high-end look and feel, the Glassgate150 continues to be an ideal, economical selection. 

Fastlane Glassgate 155
For building projects requiring more technical integrations, the Glassgate 155 has integrated the IDEMIA MorphoWave reader, PatriotOne weapon detection systems, and an AXIS high-definition network camera for Facial Recognition. End users, consultants and architects will find the model in the showroom to feature a wider lane width at 47”. With dual entry collusion technology (unique side-by-side detection) these wider lanes are ideal for healthcare and areas with more expansive ADA requirements.  The Glassgate 155 also allows for friction or locking brakes, and has enhanced aesthetics by concealing the optical beam windows. 

Fastlane Plus 400 MA
Adding the component of drop-arm barriers to the mix of turnstiles on display, the Fastlane Plus 400 MA allows for optimal bidirectional traffic flow while also allowing for multiple technology integrations. On display in the showroom, the Fastlane Plus 400 MA features Smarter Security’s FastScan proximity card reader integrated into a custom stainless steel top with a glass inlay. This model also features shorter end caps, demonstrating the breadth of customization options available across the Fastlane turnstile brand.  

Fastlane Glassgate 300
One of the more unique turnstiles in the Fastlane portfolio, the Glassgate 300 is a popular showroom addition from both technology integrations and customization options perspective. With a stunning t-shaped design complemented with an ultra-sleek frame featuring glass sides, the showroom version is unique in the fact that it has a slimmer top at 3.9” than the normal 6” model. This turnstile is popular with many architects and engineers for its four barrier-height options as well as locking brake option.

Door Detective Plus
Beyond the turnstile, experience how to further secure access-controlled doors by interacting with Door Detective Plus. Built using a network of beam paths with neural network intelligence, Door Detective detects tailgate attempts and “human hacking” while enforcing direction integrity. Additionally, the Door Detective Plus model includes IP communications to support remote configuration and population counting to further life safety and other security initiatives. 

Take the Tour Today
If you’re in the New York Area and interested in seeing the latest innovations across intelligent entrance control technology, schedule an appointment with our Northeast Regional Manager, Danielle Ebner, to stop by the Smarter Security showroom or contact our sales team with your specific project needs to understand how Fastlane turnstiles can be a fit for your facility today.