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As a designer, architect, or a security professional, matching the requirements of your physical security efforts to the correct equipment is an essential first step that will last the length of your turnstile investment.

Physical security components like turnstiles have advanced significantly, even within the last 5 years. These advancements most notably include more compact turnstile footprints, taller glass barrier options, design elements, technology integrations and beyond. But if you’re looking to start with the fundamental consideration set when selecting new turnstiles for a facility project, keeping the following elements in mind will set up a successful project that yields a greater return on your investment.

Considering the environment that your turnstiles will be installed in is an essential first step to determining what type of solution is right for you. But the environment goes beyond the physical location in which you want to install turnstiles. Environmental components to consider include:

  • High Throughput: What is the volume of end users who will need to pass through your turnstiles at any given point? Modern turnstiles, like Fastlane® turnstiles from Smarter Security, have one of the fastest throughputs in the industry allowing up to one person per second to pass. They also enable card stacking which means the barrier does not need to open/close between each person’s access card swipe to significantly speed up the throughput.
  • Low Voltage: Turnstiles can now run on low voltage (30W power consumption) to meet the requirements for LEED building certification. This also drives down infrastructure costs and makes them easier to service. Be sure to find turnstiles, such as Fastlane Glassgate turnstiles, to conserve energy.
  • ADA Compliance: Older turnstile models often presented a challenge in meeting ADA building codes and requirements, not to mention, a poor entry experience. Modern turnstiles allow for you to not only meet ADA regulations in providing a wheelchair accessible lane, but ensuring that the lane also provides the same level of security as standard lanes. Thanks to advanced optical beam technology available with Fastlane turnstiles, the extra width between pedestals doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice security.

Technology Integrations
Turnstiles have become significantly more than just a physical barrier to prevent unauthorized entry – they are now more intelligent and work as an integrated component of your overall entrance security infrastructure. Modern turnstiles utilize infrared sensors that can accurately pinpoint the size, shape and speed of individuals passing through the lane, not to mention, detect tailgating by spotting unauthorized entries less than ¼” apart. They can also sense for appropriate directional control.

Third-party access control components, such as biometric scanners and facial recognition software, can now be fully integrated within the turnstiles to create a more comprehensive entrance control strategy that ensures tighter security.

For busy buildings with multiple turnstiles and elevators, turnstiles can seamlessly integrate elevator dispatch displays into the pedestal to keep morning and afternoon rush hour traffic flow easily.

And, finally, even the process of providing access for temporary visitors can be more effective working together with barcode/CSV reader options and even visitor paper credentials can be accepted.

Design Components
Turnstiles continue to serve as an industry standard in an effective entrance control strategy and now they can provide a seamless security experience as well as visually complement the lobby design — a feature becoming more important to architects and designers. Modern turnstiles allow customization for almost every element of the turnstile pedestal including the type of exterior material, the color and finish of the turnstile, customization of barrier glass and beyond allow hundreds of unique designs that result in aesthetically integrated physical security components.

Smarter Turnstiles for Smarter Entrance Control
Don’t settle for turnstiles that don’t meet all of your requirements. Smarter Security offers Fastlane optical turnstiles as an essential component to a physical security strategy blending functionality with design. Download the Smarter Security Product Catalog to see the spectrum of turnstile products that uniquely fit your entrance control needs.