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The possibility of security breaches and crimes related to tailgating into buildings continues to increase and a key contributing factor is social engineering related to tailgating — people are uncomfortable in questioning someone’s intentions when they are followed into a building. Fortunately, the evolution of entrance control technology is reducing tailgating violations while shifting the balance of physical security responsibility back to where it belongs: with security personnel and entrance control solutions like Smarter Security’s Door Detective®.

Advanced Entrance Control
So, what is Door Detective? Door Detective is a doorway-mounted tailgate detection and direction control system that further secures an access-controlled door. Doors with locks provide good security…until they’re opened. With Door Detective, facilities like data centers, R&D laboratories, residence halls, casinos, distribution centers, office buildings, fitness centers and airports no longer have to solely rely on staffing security teams at access control points. Door Detective is like a virtual security officer monitoring higher value entrances.

By utilizing a network of beam paths with neural network intelligence to make alarm decisions about doorway traffic, Door Detective ensures that only one person enters for each authorization. It not only monitors how many people pass, but also that they pass in the approved direction. For example, if an exit is approved but an unauthorized person tries to shoot the gap and enter before the door has closed, a variety of other systems activate and issue the appropriate alarm.

The Functional Benefits of Door Detective
Door Detective is a cost-efficient way to advance security without adding hassle to staff and end users. Let’s take a look at the benefits that installing the Door Detective system can result in for your facility.

Better Protection of Assets

  • Install quickly and easily through CAT 5 interconnections and POE (Door Detective Plus)
  • Extend security to areas where there is no officer
  • Safeguard interior areas where intruders could enter unnoticed

 Return on Investment

  • Save potentially millions of dollars by preventing breaches from intrusions
  • Avoid adding additional guards or security officers at key entrances
  • Detect “human hackers” who can bring down networks and corporations

Improve User Experience

  • Eliminate “politeness pressure” that accompanies traditional tailgating
  • Enable seamless security requiring no additional authentication from users


 Which Door Detective Is Right for You?
If you’re ready to tackle tailgating once and for all, the next step is to determine which Door Detective model is right for you. Based on the needs of your facility and staff, there are some key differences to each model that you should use to guide your decision.


Door Detective Compact

●       Most economical model
●       2” or more tailgate detection
●       External CPU and 12 VDC power supply

Door Detective Plus

●       Less than ¼” tailgate detection
●       Internal CPU and PoE power
●       IP communications to support remote configuration and population counting

Door Detective Classic

●       Higher-end aesthetics
●       Beams can rotate to extend across hallways without door jam mounting
●       Internal CPU with an external 12 VDC power supply


Each model provides dry contact integration with any access system as well as bidirectional waist height detection beams.

Start Modernizing Your Entry Control
Curious about the impact that Door Detective can make on your access controlled areas? Read how Woodbine Entertainment Group used Door Detective within their lobby doors to increase security and boost accountability within their employees.