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When creating a robust security strategy for your organization, it’s essential to work with a company that understands your industry’s needs. At Smarter Security, our team members have extensive security experience that can help you navigate through the most stringent of security requirements and approvals. In this week’s employee spotlight, we highlight one such employee whose background in security has surpassed over three decades.

We’re talking to Tim True, the Regional Director of Federal Government and Mid-Atlantic Sales for Smarter Security. He is a true professional and valued member of the team.

How long have you been with the company and what special experience do you bring to your market today?

I’m now into my sixth year with Smarter Security. I’ve spent my entire career in security starting with the CIA and law enforcement. I later owned my own business, was a security integrator, and worked in commercial business as well. With this diverse experience, I bring my clients a well-balanced perspective because I’ve been in their shoes before. Now I have the opportunity to support their missions from the security vendor side offering the industry’s most reliable and innovative optical turnstiles

Specifically, I’m able to better serve my clients in the Federal market with my in-depth understanding of government purchasing and security requirements. Whether it’s moving through approvals, engaging the key stakeholder groups, or meeting specific security requirements and standards, I know what it takes to get things done in Washington, DC.

What does a day in the life of Tim look like?

I’m actively involved in supporting the business in my region. Previously, I was part of a security solutions integrator firm for 10 years and helped grow the business into multiple locations across the U.S. That’s where I learned how to craft the perfect blend of security with multiple technologies. Today, I get to spend time helping my customers do the same by building a layered security strategy – starting at the front door.  

Personally, I enjoy activities in the Virginia countryside and being on my boat on the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay.

What is the biggest customer challenge you’ve seen and how did you help them?

Hands down it’s been supporting a multi-location federal agency with upgrades of our Fastlane® turnstiles. I’ve helped them address their specific requirements and established a national standard for their turnstiles agency-wide. Previously, this particular agency was experiencing difficulties in supporting the various different turnstile brands that they were using. They decided to move to a unified single manufacturer approach.

Fortunately for us, they determined that Fastlane was one of the more dependable turnstiles lines they were using. And, they enjoyed the great customer support from Smarter Security. They standardized on the Fastlane Glassgate 300 turnstile thanks to its modern, architecturally-inspired aesthetics and seamless integration with their access card readers to facilitate rapid screening and throughput. They also chose the Door Detective and Fastlane Intelligate models with various units at multiple locations.

What is your favorite project (or most memorable) so far and why?

I have a current government headquarters location in Washington, DC where I’m currently supporting a retrofit involving fourteen turnstile lanes. It will be my most prestigious and visual installation since being with Smarter Security.

If you had to give one piece of advice to an end user, architect, integrator or consultant about turnstiles and entrance control, what would it be?

Look under the hood – don’t get caught up by sizzle and external looks only. You want to first focus on the operational and security aspects that you’re trying to achieve. Make sure your turnstiles will integrate with the rest of your security infrastructure – and that the product will last. Reliability, high-performance technology and beautiful design are all key elements to choosing the right turnstile.