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Improve security automation and outcomes for growing 24/7 distribution center while reducing operational costs.

Primary Objective
Eliminate unnecessary interaction between employees and security staff if no assets detected.

  • High Traffic: 25% growth in employees per shift requiring asset
  • High Speed: Integration with 3rd party technologies for real-time
  • High Value: Decrease inventory shrinkage while maintaining or
    improving speed of throughput


Assume that, like TSA, three security guards could manage the
flow of people through two metal detectors in a single traffic
direction and ‘hand-wand’ anyone who generated an alarm. With four metal detectors, and traffic flow going in both directions, this approach would require twelve security guards, six for entry and six for the exit.

With the two guards on either side managing the special needs employees, sixteen guard positions would require staffing 24 hours a day.

The Challenge
In early 2021, a third party logistics leader in the Fortune 100 gave Smarter Security the challenge of designing a high-volume throughput, fully automated solution for the CEIA Metal Detectors for use at this site. The Smarter Security designers worked with the project team and other significant stakeholders to define a logic flow through the metal detectors that would not require any employee guard interaction if they did not generate a metal detector alarm.

A significant advantage in this design was that employees were already aware that they should not be carrying any metal. This awareness was leveraged to improve throughput rates and reduce the demands on guards significantly. Only those few who generated an alarm were move to the current special needs clearance areas for secondary screening. By using existing guard positions at the side for this limited amount of manual screening, this automated approach eliminated the need for the twelve guard positions at the metal detectors.

The Solution
The logic flow design is based on Smarter Security’s Glassgate 400 Plus optical turnstiles on either side of the metal detectors to control the traffic flow and a customized version of Smarter Security’s SmarterLobby software to manage the logic.

At a fundamental level, the logic flow works as follows:

  • Employee presents valid credential to a turnstile on either side of the metal detector
  • That turnstile opens, and the turnstile at the opposite side is put into ‘No-Entry’ mode to prevent another person from entering the opposite direction.
  • The turnstile the employee is walking through also goes into ‘No-Entry’ to
    completely close off the metal detector lane while it is in use.
  • The employee walks through the metal detector and if there is no alarm, the lane
    lights on the second turnstile turn green, and it automatically opens for them to
    continue on their way.
  • If there is a metal detector alarm, the second turnstile remains closed, the lane
    lights turn red, and the employee is directed to the side for secondary screening.
  • After the employee has been screened, whether an alarm has been generated or not, the turnstiles at both sides return to a normal state in readiness for the
    following user.

Once operational, the system then had to be integrated with the facility’s highly
advanced Keee Access Control System that was selected to control access to
the facility. This integration was required to ensure only authorized staff could
pass through the metal detector lanes, support Keee’s custom reports they were
generating, and provide a command level connection for Keee’s specialized security
guard interface screens.

“In keeping with our objective of providing ‘smarter logistics for our
customers at lower cost, using advanced automation’, the Smarter Security
metal detector logic flow solution has worked exactly as designed providing
fast employee throughput, with reduced guard interaction. In the short
time since it was installed, it has saved countless hours of security guard
manpower at this site.”
Sr. Director, Security

As a high-priority national account for Smarter Security, this logistics leader’s operational objectives are in constant focus. A collaborative working relationship between the organizations ensures any issues or concerns are dealt with quickly and effectively. It also provides that Smarter Security technical specialists can work with other technology suppliers on areas of common interest that may or may not directly involve Smarter Security systems. Smarter Security’s direction on this account is simple, to do whatever is necessary to help achieve their goals for improved customer service.

About Smarter Security, Inc.

Smarter Security provides premium and innovative entrance control solutions to help organizations protect their people and assets in a world of ever-present threats. Since 1992, Smarter Security has offered Fastlane turnstiles, the most elegant and intelligent optical turnstiles available, which protect 50% of the Fortune 100, and thousands of commercial and government lobbies on six continents, including many of the world’s most iconic buildings. For more information, please visit

Customer Profile

• Clayton, Indiana

• Distribution Center

• Fastlane® Glassgate 400 Plus with SmarterLobby software

The new company’s brand identity captures the qualities that make us an industry leader — our ability to deliver faster, leaner, smarter logistics for customers at lower cost, using advanced automation and data science.

-Chief Executive Officer

In the short time since it was installed, it has saved countless hours of security guard manpower at this site.

-Sr. Director, Security
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