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Fastlane Turnstile Entrance Gates

Fastlane entrance gates integrate with any security turnstile installation, allowing larger objects, equipment, and those with reduced mobility to pass through the entrance easily. Intelligate and Passgate turnstile entrance gates are ideal where space is limited but where intelligent entrance control is still essential.

Fastlane Turnstile Gates

Where Precise Detection and Aesthetic Appeal Meet to Accomplish any Security Need

When restricting unauthorized entry with turnstile entrance gates, Fastlane stands out for its innovative designs and advanced technology. Our turnstile gates operate in office buildings, government facilities, Class A commercial buildings, distribution centers, and more. Fastlane entrance gates offer unique features like Fastlane Connect™, a TCP/IP communication and control system that enables Web-based turnstile control from any device. With intelligent detection capabilities, we ensure only those with valid credentials can enter, representing the standard of entrance control solutions in today’s environments.

Why Fastlane?


Infrared sensor beams and advanced glass barriers allow for superior entry control and precise detection of tailgaters.

  • Yields the fastest entry and highest processing speed, minimizing false alarms
  • Entrance gates serve as visual and physical barriers
  • Detects ¼” tailgate detection and speed of throughput, capable of 60 people/minute


Industry-leading performance and high reliability that last a lifetime.

  • Uptime and a long lifetime improve the bottom line
  • Fewer failures mean lower repair costs
  • Greater return on investment and quick user acceptance


Entrance gates integrate into Class A high rises, office buildings, government facilities, financial institutions, and more.

  • Refined, slim designs accentuate the lobby
  • The barrier opens flush with the pedestal, minimizing the footprint
  • Custom-designed stainless steel pedestals to fit specialized requests

Types of Fastlane Entrance Gates

Turnstile entrance gates ensure that every entrance control need is met with precision. The Intelligate 300 is known for its seamless integration with GG300. This bi-directional, motorized access gate combines tailgate detection with infrared-beam matrix monitoring to regulate pedestrian access. By integrating with Fastlane optical turnstile models, we ensure tailgaters are detected with immediate reaction time.

The Passgate 300 is a single pedestal security gate, bringing versatility and convenience to your organization. It’s designed to allow the occasional passage of deliveries or oversized objects that may not fit through standard turnstiles. Its operation is seamless, either opening to allow a visitor access upon command from security personnel or after valid credentials are presented. The barrier swings open to allow entrance, and it can break away in either direction to prevent injury. 

The Importance of Physical Security

Fastlane turnstile entrance gates play an integral role in enhancing security measures and preventing unauthorized access.

Key benefits include:


  • Safety features – ensure immediate detection in emergency situations
  • Enhanced user experience – individuals pass through with ease
  • Fastlane technology integrates with advanced security systems
  • Efficient traffic management ensures smooth operation through the entrance
  • Maintain safety and security of people and assets – minimizes spending on incident resolution

Enhance your Security with Our Entrance Gates

Elevate your organization’s security standards with our cutting-edge technology at Smarter Security. With sophisticated design and unparalleled technology, our security entrance gates offer the ideal blend of safety and aesthetics. For whatever security level, our team is here to provide unique solutions, and we’re confident in providing you with the finest access control systems in the industry.